A Gallery Of Patriot Flags
     Of The
     American Revolutionary War

  Note: The images on these pages were created by Larry D. Smith. The basic designs were derived from various sources, notably from the superb research of Edward W. Richardson. Fabric hues and flag dimensions may not be accurate in regard to those of the original colors, because many of the hues and dimensions are known only from contemporary paintings and engravings and/or from written sources. In the absence of actual examples to measure, the dimensions reflect derivations from contemporary paintings and engravings. Likewise, the hues employed are approximations, although the standard red and blue of the present-day national colors (standardized for the flag) of the United States of America have been employed in most cases.

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    British Red Ensign
    The Forster Flag
    Sons Of Liberty Flag
    Rebel Stripes
    The Bedford Militia Flag
    Liberty Flag
    Liberty And Union Flag
    New England Pine Tree Flag
    Fort Johnson Flag
    Fort Moultrie Liberty Flag
    Tri-Colored Stripes Flag
    Continental Union flown on The Alfred
    Continental Union flown on The Lexington
    Stars & Stripes Betsy Ross Flag
    Stars & Stripes by Buell
    Stars & Stripes by Mondhare
    Stars & Stripes at Cowpens
    Stars & Stripes by Lee
    Ensign flown on The Alliance
    Ensign flown on The Serapis
    Stars & Stripes by Franklin And Adams
    First Navy Jack ~ South Carolina Navy Ensign
    Regimental Colors of the 2nd Dragoons
    Regimental Colors of the 7th Pennsylvania
    Standard of Proctor's Westmoreland Battalion
    Anchor Standard of the Rhode Island Regiment
    Militia Standard of General Sullivan's Life Guard
    Washington's Headquarters Standard
    Stars & Stripes by Shaw
    Stars & Stripes Illustrated in the Berlin Almanac
    Stars & Stripes by Trumbull
    Fort Mercer Flag
    Stars & Stripes at Yorktown
    French Agenois Regimental Colors
    French Champagne Regimental Colors
    French Rouergue Regimental Colors
    The Gadsden Flag
    The George Rogers Clark Flag
    The Liberty Tree Flag
    The Delaware Militia Flag
    The White Plains Flag
    The Fort Independence Flag
    The Guilford Courthouse Flag
    The Hulbert Flag
    The Green Mountain Boys Flag
    The Bennington Flag
    The Naval Privateer Flag
    Regimental Colors of the 1st Pennsylvania
    Regimental Colors of the Hanover Associators
    Pulaski's Legion Standard
    Regimental Standard of the 2nd Pennsylvania
    Philadelphia Light Horse Standard

  ~ Note ~ The images on these pages were created by Larry D. Smith. The basic designs were derived from various sources. Fabric colors and flag dimensions may not be accurate in regard to the original flags. The viewer should keep in mind that very few of the original flags from the American Revolutionary War have survived. Most of the images that exist in printed materials and on the internet have been imagined by various artists, who may or may not have got the reproductions accurate and correct. Even in cases where the original flag, or just a remnant of it, survives, the colors will have faded over the years, and any artist's reproduction of that surviving flag or remnant will have been an estimation of how it appeared originally.