A Gallery Of Patriot Flags

Standard Of
     Proctor's Westmoreland Battalion


  The Standard Of Proctor's Westmoreland Battalion, more appropriately named, the Standard Of The 52nd Independent Battalion of Associators, Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania was carried by the unit throughout the War, including in the Battles of Trenton, Princeton and Ash Swamp.

  The flag consists of a solid red field with a British Union in the canton. It apparently was, originally, a British Red Ensign that was later altered into an American Patriot flag by the addition of a painted image on the field. The painted image that occupies the field is of a coiled rattlesnake encircled by fancy scrollwork and two mottoes. The motto beneath the central image states: "Dont Tread On Me". Above the central image appears the letters "I.B.W.C.P." standing for: "Independent Battalion Westmoreland County Pennsylvania". Topmost are stylized script of the letters J and P, for Colonel John Proctor's name.

  Colonel John Proctor's Battalion was raised at Hannas Town, Pennsylvania in 1775.

  The original standard, one of only twenty-seven existing American Revolutionary War flags, is currently housed in the William Penn Memorial Museum in Harrsburg, Pennsylvania.