A Gallery Of Patriot Flags

Regimental Colors
     7th Regt. Pennsylvania


  The Regimental Colors of the 7th Pennsylvania Regiment is variously called the Brandywine Flag. Tradition states that this flag was carried by a company commanded by Captain Robert Wilson at the Battle of Brandywine on 11 September 1777.

  The Seventh Pennsylvania Regiment of the Continental Line was organized on 01 January 1777 by the reenlistment of Colonel William Irvine's Sixth Battalion. The Seventh Pennsylvania Regiment remained in service until it was dissolved on 17 January 1781.

  The flag consists of a solid red field with the addition of seven white stripes in the canton to form the implication of thirteen alternating white and red stripes. It appears that at a later time, perhaps after the Continental Congress' flag resolution of 14 June 1777, a square of white fabric with three rows of red stars (4/5/4 stars per row) was applied over top the stripes, leaving a majority of the stripes exposed. The effect is of two cantons: one of thirteen alternating white and red stripes, and a second one of a solid white field with thirteen red stars.