A Gallery Of Patriot Flags

Militia Standard Of
     General Sullivan's Life Guard


  The Militia Standard Of General Sullivan's Life Guard, is also known as the Tri-Colored Stripes with Rattlesnake Union. General John Sullivan's Life Guard was part of the Rhode Island Militia.

  This flag's field consists of the tri-colored striped flag as designed by Arthur Lee in 1779: thirteen alternating white, red, then blue stripes from top to bottom, ending with a white stripe. But rather than having a canton of stars, this flag has an image of a coiled rattlesnake on a buff colored background for the canton. Behind the rattlesnake is a motto: "Dont Tread On Me" in black lettering on a curved, rainbow-shaped blue band that connects the hoist edge with the third stripe from the top (blue).

  Certain artists who have made representations of this flag have pictured it with thirteen alternating red, white, then blue stripes from top to bottom, ending with a red stripe. The canton in this version, instead of having a rainbow-shaped band for the motto, is represented as a blue scroll behind the snake, on which black lettering diminishes in size from 'front' to 'back'.