A Gallery Of Patriot Flags

Stars And Stripes
     Designed By John Shaw


   A variation of the Stripes With Union Of Stars flag was designed by John Shaw in 1783 to be flown over the State House in Annapolis, Maryland while the Continental Congress was convened there.

  Annapolis, Maryland served as the first peace-time national capital for the fledgling United States of America; it served that purpose from 1783 to October 1784. It was while the Continental Congress was meeting at Annapolis that the Treaty of Paris was ratified. And it was at Annapolis that General George Washington resigned from the leadership of the Continental Army.

  John Shaw was a prominent citizen of Annapolis, Maryland. As an undertaker, Shaw also made a living as a cabinetmaker. (Undertakers tended to also be cabinetmakers who constructed their own wooden coffins.)