A Gallery Of Patriot Flags

Philadelphia Light Horse Standard


  The standard of the Philadelphia Light Horse regiment was designed by John Folwell and painted by James Claypole in 1775. Bills for the designing and painting of the flag indicate that the flag was created prior to September 1775.

  The Philadelphia Light Horse Standard consisted of a yellow silk fabric on which was sewn (first) a British Union in the canton, and later thirteen alternating silver and blue stripes overtop the British Union. The blue stripes were made of blue silk material, while the silver stripes were silver paint over blue silk. The field of the flag had an image painted in the center, consisting of a scene of a number of elements, surmounted by the embroidered intertwined letters "L" and "H", and the motto on a ribbon under the scene which reads: "For These We Strive". The central scene consists of a blue shield bearing a circular design described as a gold knot from which radiates thirteen ribbon-like scrolls. Above the shield is the head of a horse, and the shield is supported on the one side by the image of an Indian holding a bow in one hand and a liberty pole with cap in the other. The other side of th shield is supported by the image of an angel blowing a trumpet. A laurel vine was embroidered around the three outer edges of the flag.

  The original flag reveals that the British Union jack was left attached to the fabric in the canton and the strips of material comprising the stripes were simply sewn overtop. Before the stripes were sewn on, the flag would have looked as the image below.