A Gallery Of Patriot Flags

Regimental Colors
     1st Regt. Pennsylvania


  The Regimental Colors of the 1st Pennsylvania consisted of a solid green field, in the center of which was painted a scene of a hunter holding a lion at bay with a spear. Below the scene was painted a scroll bearing the motto: Domari Nolo, meaning "I refuse to be subjugated." Above the scene is lettering: PM 1st R. The "P M" stood for "Pennsylvania Militia". The regiment was raised in 1775 as the Pennsylvania Rifle Regiment, and at first was considered to be militia. At the siege and liberation of Boston, General George Washington established the Continental Army, and the various units raised as militia were renamed as Continental Line regiments.

  The standard of the 1st Pennsylvania Regiment was carried by the regiment from Boston in 1775 to Yorktown in 1781. The original flag is maintained in the State Library at Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.