A Gallery Of Patriot Flags

The Fort Independence Flag


  The Fort Independence Flag was a variation of the Stars And Stripes flag in that it had a field of thirteen, alternating red and white stripes, starting with red at the top and ending with a red stripe at the bottom. The canton consisted of thirteen five-point white stars on a blue background in a 4 / 5 / 4 pattern.

  This flag was designed and created by Jonathon Fowle. In 1781, Fowle presented the flag to the garrison of Castle William, which was renamed Fort Independence.

  The first ship to enter a United States of America port was the British ship, H.M.S. Alligator, which visited Boston in the year 1791. Passing near Fort Independence, the Alligator fired a cannon salute, which was returned by the guns in the fort. This flag would have been flying over the fort, and the recipient of the salute.