A Gallery Of Patriot Flags

French Regimental Standard


  France formally recognized the United States of America on 06 February 1778. Aid from the centuries-old enemy of Great Britain came initially in the form of naval operations. Then, in 1779, French troops were landed at Georgia, where they participated with the American Patriots in the Siege of Savannah from 16 September to 20 October. Despite the failure of the joint American~French to wrest control of the city from the British, the French resolve to help the Americans was encouraging and helped to sustain and strengthen the Patriot Cause. The French forces would prove to be invaluable during the Siege of Yorktown, the resulting defeat of Cornwallis of which was the virtual end of the War. The French troops assisting the American Patriots carried their own regimental standards. The flag pictured here was carried by the French Agenois Regiment.

  This flag was made of silk pieces stitched together with white thread.

  The Agenois Regiment participated in the Siege of Savannah, sustaining heavy losses in the assault on 09 October 1779. The Regiment also took part in the Siege of Yorktown, including the capture of the British redoubt on 14 October 1781.