A Gallery Of Patriot Flags

Stars And Stripes At Yorktown


   One of the flags flown by the Patriots at Yorktown in 1781 was the variation of the Stripes With Union Of Stars shown here. This variation, consisting of red and blue stripes and a field of six-point stars on a blue background in the canton, was drawn by British Lieutenant Colonel Simcoe.

  Major Sebastian Bauman, of the Second New York Artillery Regiment, painted a map of the region of Yorktown shortly after the siege and battle, and in it included the variation of the Stars And Stripes flag shown below. The image was later engraved by Robert Scot at Philadelphia.

  John Trumbull painted the surrender at Yorktown in 1787. In his painting, Trumbull illustrated the flag as alternating red, white and blue stripes with a canton of white, six-point stars in a circle on a blue background.

  The flag, depicted by Trumbull, utilizes the alternating red, then white, then blue stripes as seen in the tri-colored stripes flags flown at Fort Stanwyx and Fort Mifflin.