A Gallery Of Patriot Flags

Stars And Stripes
     On The Mondhare Flag Sheet


  The Stars And Stripes flag that was included on the Mondhare Flag Sheet, published in 1781 at Paris, bears a higher than wide canton consisting of four rows of three five-point stars on a blue background. What makes this flag different than many others is the addition of the French fleur-de-lys above the stars in the canton. The fleur-de-lys in this flag functions as the thirteenth 'star'.

  The addition of the fleur-de-lys was perhaps an attempt to represent the alliance between the United States and France.

  A variation of this flag was included on a flag sheet published by Matthews Seutter in 1782 at Augsberg. Known as the Lotter Seutter Flag Sheet, the variation of this flag includes thirteen stars plus the fleur-de-lys in the canton.