A Gallery Of Patriot Flags

The Delaware Militia Flag


  The Delaware Militia Flag was carried by the Delaware Militia as it participated in the Battle of Brooklyn Heights in the Long Island Campaign in 1776.

  It is assumed that this flag was being flown by the Delaware Militia as it, along with the First Maryland Regiment, created diversionary movements while the main body of George Washington's newly formed Continental Army withdrew across the Hudson River.

  This flag is sometimes called the Dansey Flag in honor of Captain William Dansey, a British officer who captured the flag from the Delaware Militia during the Battle of Brandywine on 11 September 1777. Dansey, a Captain in the British 33rd Regiment of Foot, wrote home on 11 October 1777 to say that he had taken "the Horse Arms, Colours and Drums belonging to a Rebel Colonel of the Delaware Militia..."