Gallery 6 ~
   Toys, Farm Tools & The Rest


   Within this gallery, you will find a variety of antiques which do not conveniently fit into any of the other categories. They come from the Collection of Larry D. Smith. By clicking on the thumbnail images, you can access additional pages which provide some information about the item(s), their history, and their uses.

   When I was a young child and into my teens, my father's father and my mother's mother were still living, and many of my aunts and uncles and even some great aunts and uncles were also still alive. They would give me things they didn't want anymore, and I would lug it back home with me. I was usually greeted by my mother who would start complaining that the relatives were just dumping their 'old junk' on me, and that I was supposed to stop taking it when it was offered. Of course, I continued to accept anything that anyone wanted to get rid of. That is how my collection started, and how it grew over the years before I had the means to purchase items at antique shops. And those pieces, such as the spud in this gallery, became some of my most treasured antiques because they had been owned by some relative of mine.

Carriage01a.jpg HarnessBench01a.jpg Spud01a.jpgSpud01c.jpg Toy01a.jpg Toy02a.jpg BucketYoke01a.jpg
Hat01a.jpg Hat01a.jpg Hat01a.jpg BroadAx01a.jpg BroadAx02a.jpg BroadAx03a.jpg
BroadAx04a.jpg Shooter01a.jpg Swisher01a.jpg Pillow01a.jpg Hoe02a.jpg Cape01a.jpg
Muff01a.jpg Pipe01a.jpg Pipe02a.jpg Pipe03a.jpg Glove01a.jpg Dollar01a.jpg
Whip01a.jpg Whip02a.jpg Whip03a.jpg Plane01a.jpg Plane02a.jpg Glove02a.jpg
Candle01a.jpg Paddle04a.jpg Skates01a.jpg Plane03a.jpg Plane04a.jpg Buttonhook01a.jpg
Makeup01a.jpg Husker01a.jpg Husker02a.jpg Husker03a.jpg Shavinghorse01a.jpg Wheel01a.jpg
Wheel02a.jpg Stirrer01a.jpg Stirrer02a.jpg Stirrer03a.jpg Saw01a.jpg Saw02a.jpg
Flail01a.jpg Rake01a.jpg Plow01a.jpg BootJack02.jpg Chain01a.jpg Scales01a.jpg
PowderHorn05a.jpg PowderHorn06a.jpg PowderHorn07a.jpg PowderHorn08a.jpg PowderHorn09a.jpg PowderHorn10a.jpg
PowderHorn11a.jpg PowderHorn12a.jpg PowderHorn13a.jpg PowderHorn14a.jpg PowderHorn15a.jpg PowderHorn16a.jpg
PowderHorn17a.jpg PrimingHorn05a.jpg Spokeshave01a.jpg Last01a.jpg Last02a.jpg Last03a.jpg
Last04a.jpg Last05a.jpg EightReales01a.jpg EightReales03b.jpg TwoReales01a.jpg OneReal01a.jpg
Copper01a.jpg Pfennig01a.jpg Duit01a.jpg Kronenthaler01a.jpg Twopence01a.jpg Penny03a.jpg
Antoninianus01a.jpg RomanCoin01a.jpg Penny01a.jpg Jeton01a.jpg Blanket01a.jpg FootWarmer01a.jpg
FootWarmer01a.jpg Washboard01a.jpg Saw03a.jpg Barrel01a.jpg Shirt02a.jpg Shirt03a.jpg
Drawknife01a.jpg Drawknife02a.jpg MarkingGauge01.jpg BillyClub01a.jpg Scraper01.jpg Candlestick01a.jpg
ChamberPot01.jpg MortiseAxe01a.jpg Shoes01a.jpg Froe01a.jpg Froe02a.jpg