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Priming Horn

      This is an example of a "priming" powder horn produced between the 1790s and the 1910s.
      Usually smaller than a regular powder horn, a priming horn was intended to carry black powder used in priming the gun. Whereas the coarser gun powder would have been poured in to the barrel of the musket or rifle, the fine priming powder was poured into the pan. When the gun was fired, a spark from the flint striking would fly onto the priming powder in the pan, which, in turn would ignite the gun powder.
      This horn measures five and one-half (5-1/2) inches in length. The body of the horn is flat on one side, forming only a half circle. It measures two (2) inches by one (1) inch at the wide end. This horn is covered in a piece of leather.
      Additional powder horns, dating to the American Revolutionary War period, are included in the section of that name.