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Lady's Makeup Case

     This item is a makeup (i.e.cosmetics) case dating to the 1920s ~ 1930s. It consists of a wooden box covered with varnished paper. The inside is covered in pink and green silk material. Underneath the silk material are structural forms designed to hold various cosmetic tools, including a mirror and hairbrush. Because of the fact that the case does not possess a handle, and the bottom was not covered by the varnished decorative paper, it would appear that this makeup case was not designed to be carried about. It would have been kept on a lady's makeup table or on a dresser in her bedrooom. It will be noticed that the mirror is located on the inside of the lid, so that whenever the lid is in the open position it could be used as a free-standing mirror, leaving the lady's hands free to apply her makeup.
      Below are closeup images of certain items included in the case. Everything that is shown was original to the case; nothing new was added. Although there appears no date anywhere on the case or on any of the individual items, the designs reflect the Art Deco style of the 1920s.
      The case was in perfect condition when I purchased it at a local flea market in the 1990s. But then it got soaked when my house got flooded by Hurricane Ivan in September, 2004. The wood swelled a bit, causing the paper covering to come loose and crack in spots. The various round boxes of powder likewise swelled, making them unable to be opened.

     Below are images of items contained in this makeup case: a mirror, hairbrush, and two button hooks. (Note: The previous exhibit provided information on button hooks.)

     The images below are of the powder boxes included in this makeup case.