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Candle Mold


     This item is a candle mold from the late 1700s or early 1800s. It is made of tin. Strings to form the wicks would be worked through the small holes in the bottom of the mold (shown in the last image below) using a 'poking stick' and then the loose ends projecting out of the larger holes at the top of the mold would be tied over a broach (i.e. rod) that held them in place. Then wax, made from melted tallow or animal fat, would be poured into each of the six chambers of the mold. The mold would then be submerged into cold water to harden the candles. When sufficiently hardened, the mold would be submerged in warm water to loosen the candles from the sides of the mold, and the candles would be removed.