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Fur Muff

     Muffs were popular during the Victorian Age (i.e.1870s-1910s). When they went out in the winter, ladies would carry a muff like this one, made out of an animal pelt. Common animal pelts used for items of apparel such as this muff were fox, rabbit and mink. This one is believed to be made from the pelt of a red fox. On the inside was a lining made of silk fabric, and between the lining and the pelt was additional cloth to add padding, which in turn provided additional insulation. The lady would hold the muff in front of her and place both hands into it from either end. The bottom image shows a small cloth/string hoop sewn into the one open end. This was used to hang the muff up and also could be used by the lady to carry the muff on a finger, when not needed for warmth.