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Silver Antoninianus


      This coin was issued to honor the reign of Marcus Julius Philippus ~ Philip the Arab ~, who ruled as Caesar of Rome between 244 and 247, and then as Co-Augustus from 247 to 249 AD). The silver coin, which equated in weight to one and one-half denarius, is called an Antoninianus. It was presented by the government as a two-denarii coin.
      There are many variations for this coin, including a variety of busts on the obverse and many different images for the reverse. The particular coin in this cllection bears, on the obverse, a bust of the emporer looking to the right, surrounded by the legend: IMP PHILIPPVS AVG, which translates as "Emporer Philip Augustus". The reverse features an image of Pax standing, looking toward the left, and holding a branch in her right hand and a scepter in her left hand, with the legend: PAX AETERNA, meaning "Eternal Peace".