Being A Compendium Of Information

Intended To Enlighten The Researcher
On How And Where To Locate
Genealogical And Historical Data
In The Old~Bedford County Region

An Introduction

  Old~Bedford County occupies a very mountainous region located in the south-central part of Pennsylvania. Physically, it encompasses the present-day counties of Bedford, Blair, Cambria, Fulton, Huntingdon and Somerset. In other words, it encompasses the region that was Bedford County after its erection out of Cumberland County, and, in turn, after the removal from it of Westmore-land. Ethnically, it encompasses descendants from German, English, Welsh, Ulster-Scot, Scot and Irish settlers. Over the two hundred and twenty-some years since Old~Bedford's erection, the six-county region has become the home of just about every nationality and ethnic culture to enter the United States. There is a wealth of genealogical and historical information to be found in this region.

  This web-book is intended to function as a comprehensive guide to the genealogical and historical resources available in the six county region of Old~Bedford.

  Certain chapters, such as the one devoted to Census Records, contain general information on the subject. But throughout the web-book, the emphasis is on how the subjects relate to Old~Bedford.


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   A Brief History Of Old~Bedford County

   Townships Of Old~Bedford County

  Bedford County

  Blair County

  Cambria County

  Fulton County

  Huntingdon County

  Somerset County

  A Map Of The Present-Day Counties Of Old~Bedford

  Court House Records

  Bedford County

  Blair County

  Cambria County

  Fulton County

  Huntingdon County

  Somerset County

   Census Records

 The Census in History

  The First U.S. Census ~ 1790

  The Second U.S. Census ~ 1800

  The Third U.S. Census ~ 1810

  The Fourth U.S. Census ~ 1820

  The Fifth U.S. Census ~ 1830

  The Sixth U.S. Census ~ 1840

  The Seventh U.S. Census ~ 1850

  The Eighth U.S. Census ~ 1860

  The Ninth U.S. Census ~ 1870

  The Tenth U.S. Census ~ 1880

  The Eleventh U.S. Census ~ 1890

  The Twelfth U.S. Census ~ 1900

  The Thirteenth U.S. Census ~ 1910

  The Fourteenth U.S. Census ~ 1920

  The Fifteenth U.S. Census ~ 1930

  The Sixteenth U.S. Census ~ 1940

  Pennsylvania Archives

  A Summary Of The Various Series

  References Specific To Old~Bedford County In The Pennsylvania Archives

  A Basic Index To Subjects Included In The Pennsylvania Archives

  Indexes For The Pennsylvania Archives

   County Histories

  The First History Books About Old~Bedford County

  U.J. Jones Fabricates The History Of Old~Bedford County

  The History Books From The Turn Of The Century

  History Books From The Mid-Twentieth Century To The Bicentennial Year Of 1976

  The Most Recent Additions To The Genre Of Historical Literature

  Native Son Of Old~Bedford County Breaks With Tradition With Newest History Books

  Historical Societies

  Bedford County

  Blair County

  Cambria County

  Fulton County

  Huntingdon County

  Somerset County

  Historical Sites & Museums

  Types Of Records

  Almshouse Records

  Bible Records

  Birth Certificates

  Cemetery Records

  Census Returns

  Church Records

       Baptismal & Christening Records

       Birth Records

       Communicant Lists

       Death Records

       Marriage Records

  Constable Reports

  Coroner Inquests

  County Histories

  Court Records - Miscellaneous

       Civil Court Records

       Criminal Court Records

       Miscellaneous ~ Estate Partitions, Bankruptcy, etc.

  Death Certificates


  Estate Inventories

  Family Trees / Published Genealogies

  Fox & Wolf Scalp Orders


  Immigration Records, Naturalization Records, & Oaths Of Allegiance

  Intestate Proceedings

  Justice Of The Peace Records

  Land Warrants / Land Surveys

  Maps / Atlases / Plats & Drafts

  Mortality Schedules

  Mortuary / Funeral Home Records

  Newspaper Articles / Records

  Orphans Court Records

       Guardianship Proceedings

  Pennsylvania Archives Collections

  Pension Applications

  Prison Records

  Professions / Occupations

  Slave & Indentured Servant Records

  Tavern Licenses / Innkeepers

  Tax Assessment Returns

  Tombstone Inscriptions

  Transcribed Public And Private Records

  Veterans Records

  Wills (Last Will & Testament) & Administrations

  A Gazetteer Of Old~Bedford

  Hamlets, Villages, Corners, Towns, Boroughs & Cities Of Old~Bedford

  Streams, Creeks, Runs, Branches, Rivers & Lakes Of Old~Bedford

  Hills, Mountains, Gaps, Knobs, Ridges, Hollows, Valleys, Corners & Caves Of Old~Bedford