Gallery 3 ~
   The Domestic Art Of Spinning


   Within this gallery, you will find items used in the manufacture of thread or yarn. They come from the Collection of Larry D. Smith. By clicking on the thumbnail images, you can access additional pages which provide some information about the item(s), their history, and their uses.

   As with so many other types of antique items in my collection, after I had collected two of any thing, I found that I had a "collection", and of course, had to have more. So, as long as I could find them and afford them, I would collect the same types of things, such as the hatchels which appear in this gallery. I enjoy finding the subtle differences (or, in some cases, similarities) between items in this gallery.

FlaxBreak01.jpg ScutchingKnife01.jpg ScutchingKnife02.jpg ScutchingKnife03.jpg ScutchingKnife04.jpg ScutchingKnife05a.jpg ScutchingKnife06a.jpg
Hatchel01b.jpg Hatchel02a.jpg Hatchel03.jpg Hatchel04a.jpg Hatchel05a.jpg Hatchel06a.jpg Hatchel07a.jpg
Hatchel08a.jpg Hatchel09a.jpg Hatchel10a.jpg Hatchel11a.jpg Hatchel12a.jpg Hatchel13a.jpg Hatchel14a.jpg
Hatchel15a.jpg Hatchel16a.jpg Hatchel17a.jpg Hatchel18a.jpg Hatchel19a.jpg Hatchel20a.jpg Hatchel21a.jpg
Hatchel22a.jpg Hatchel23a.jpg Hatchel24a.jpg Hatchel25a.jpg Hatchel26a.jpg Hatchel27a.jpg Hatchel28a.jpg
Hatchel29a.jpg Hatchel30a.jpg Hatchel31a.jpg Hatchel32a.jpg Hatchel33a.jpg Hatchel34a.jpg Hatchel35a.jpg
Hatchel36a.jpg Hatchel37a.jpg Hatchel38a.jpg SpinningWheel01a.jpg SpinningWheel02a.jpg SpinningWheel03a.jpg SpinningWheel04a.jpg
SpinningWheel05a.jpg SpinningWheel06a.jpg SpinningWheel07a.jpg SpinningWheel08a.jpg SpinningWheel09a.jpg SpinningWheel10a.jpg ClockReel01a.jpg
ClockReel02a.jpg NiddyNoddy01a.jpg NiddyNoddy02a.jpg Swift01a.jpg Shears01a.jpg Cards01a.jpg Cards02a.jpg
Mystery01a.jpg Spindle01a.jpg Spindle02a.jpg Spindle03a.jpg