The Domestic Art Of Spinning

Hatchel     Exhibit 31

     This is another example of a hatchel. It is unique in that it is nearly identical to the hatchel exhibited as #29.

     This one also has a design of holes punched into the sides of the metal wrapped around the base where the nails are pounded through. And, like item #29, although it is difficult to read, this one appears to display a date; in this case it is fairly easy to read "1813". Also, notice in the last image that a design was also punched into two metal plates that were attached to the wooden base where the holes should be. The attachment of the metal plates onto the ends of the wood base, and the punched-hole designs make it apparent that this hatchel and the one exhibited as #29 were made by the same person. The next to last image shows the letters "H" and "K". These were the initials either for the maker or the owner of the hatchel.