As a direct-line descendant of the family of Willielmo de Muirhead and his wife Dame Jean (Hay), and the fact that various members of the Muirhead family were granted arms, I am presenting these pages as a tribute to them. A history of the Muirhead family can be found by clicking on this button:

 This page is intended to provide information specifically about the arms granted to our Muirhead ancestors.

 The Herald’s Visitation system lasted between 1530 and 1689. During that time period, armerigous families (i.e. those families to whom arms had been granted) were recorded. The earliest record of any Muirhead to appear in the visitation was during the Heralds’ Visitation of London of 1633-4. The record appears in the College of Arms collection in manuscript #MS 2C24,557.

 According to Mrs. C.G.W. Roads, MVO., Lyon Clerk and Keeper of the Records, in the collection of the Court of the Lord Lyon at Edinburgh, there exist arms for eight individuals by the surname of Muirhead (and its variants such as Morehead, Moorehead, etc.) The following pages contain information on each of the armigers and their arms. Some of the pages are still in the process of being created, as noted below, so please check back.

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Please note: The images used for the graphics on this page
were derived from the book, A Display Of Heraldry,
by John Guillim, printed in London in the year 1679.