The College of Arms in London maintains a manuscript copy of the Lyon Register, in which there appears an entry for a matriculation of arms for William Morehead of Herbertshire dated 06 August, 1788.

  William Morehead of Herbertshire was described as being descended from the ancient family of Morehead of Lachop in the county of Lanark. The arms of William were blazoned:

Argent on a bend azure three acorns or in chief
a mans heart proper within a fetterlock sable

  Bolton's American Armory, published by the Baltimore Heraldic Book Company in 1964 (p. 117), contained an illustration which would be accurate for the blazon of William Morehead of Herbertshire:


  The blazon was given as: Argent on a bend azure 3 acorns or, in chief a man’s heart proper within a fetterlock sable, the whole surrounded with an oak wreath proper acorned or, and was noted as "Arms on an old painting in possession of the North Car(olina) branch of the family. Crozier’s Va. Heral., 1908, p. 101".

  The crest of William Morehead of Herbertshire was blazoned:

Two hands grasping a two handed sword proper

  The motto of William Morehead of Herbertshire read:

Auxilio Deo

  Musgrave’s Obituary (printed in London, 1900 from a variety of original sources) includes three entries for men named William Morehead. The one died on 18 February, 1692. The next one died on 12 June, 1766. The third man named William Morehead was listed as having died on 19 June, 1793. It is therefore possible that the William Morehead of Herbertshire, to whom these arms were matriculated in 1788 was the William Morehead who died in 1793.

  An illustration of a coat of arms has been found which has the name William Morehead, Esq. below it and the shield surrounded by a oak branch with acorns wreath. The blazon is not the same as that of William Morehead of Herbertshire as noted in the Lyon Register; this blazon consists of: Argent on a bend azure three acorns of the first. A mullet sable in chief for difference. Therefore, it is not known for certain, for whom these arms were created, as William is a fairly common name in the family.



Please note: The images used for the graphics on this page
were derived from the book, A Display Of Heraldry,
by John Guillim, printed in London in the year 1679.