The College of Arms in London maintains a manuscript copy of the Lyon Register, in which there appears an entry for James Muirhead of Bredisholme.

  James Muirhead of Bredisholme was described as a second son of the family of Lauchop. The arms of James were blazoned:

Argent on a bend azure
three acorns or with a crescent for difference

  The crest of James Muirhead of Bredisholme was blazoned:

hands supporting a sword
erected in pale proper

  The motto of James Muirhead of Bredisholme read:

Auxilio Deo

  The first thing that one notices about the blazon for the arms of James Muirhead of Bredisholme is that it perfectly describes the arms illustrated in the Visitation of 1633:

  Either the illustration was incorrectly applied to David Murehead of Lawchope in the Visitation of 1633 when it was published, or it was re-matriculated by James Muirhead of Bredisholme in 1676. I would think the former is the actual; it was pointed out on the page devoted to the arms of David Murehead of Lawchope that the illustrated arms did not match the blazon.


Please note: The images used for the graphics on this page
were derived from the book, A Display Of Heraldry,
by John Guillim, printed in London in the year 1679.