James Patrick Muirhead was born on 25 July, 1813. He was the son of Lockhart Muirhead and Anne Campbell; the grandson of the Reverend Patrick Muirhead and Elizabeth, daughter of the Reverend John Muirhead and Janet Bogle.

James Patrick Muirhead was educated at Glasgow University and Balliol College, Oxford, M.A.

He married, on 27 January, 1844, Katherine Elizabeth, daughter of Mathew Robinson Boulton of Tew Park and Haseley. They bore six children: Lionel Boulton Campbell Lockhart, Francis Montagu, Herbert Hugh, Bertram Arthur, Beatrix Marion and Eleanor Anne.

James Patrick Muirhead died on 15 October, 1898.

A grandson of James Patrick Muirhead, Anthony John Muirhead, was the subject of a biography that appears on pages 1644 and 1645 of Burke's Genealogical And Heraldic History Of The Landed Gentry, published in 1959. Anthony John was the son of James Patrick's son, Lionel Boulton Campbell Lockhart Muirhead and his wife, Grace Mary, daughter of John Henry Ashhurst, of Waterstock, Oxford. The biography of Anthony John Muirhead was accompanied by the arms of Muirhead Of Haseley Court. There is no record of Anthony John Muirhead having acquired his own matriculation of the arms, and therefore it might be concluded that the arms of his grandfather were included in the biography simply for the interest of it.

  The arms of James Patrick Muirhead were blazoned:

Argent, on a bend azure,
between two galleys with sails furled up
and oars in action sable,
flags and pennons flying barry of the third
and or, three acorns of the last


  The crest of James Patrick Muirhead was blazoned:

Two hands grasping a two-handed sword

  The motto of James Patrick Muirhead read:

Auxilio Deo


Please note: The images used for the graphics on this page
were derived from the book, A Display Of Heraldry,
by John Guillim, printed in London in the year 1679.