The pages in this section of the Mother Bedford website are devoted to the lore of Scotland, or rather - the lure - of things Scottish. It was difficult for me to decide which spelling to use because the lore of Scotland is essentially the thing that is the lure of Scotland for me. On my father's side I descend from a number of Scot families, primarily the Shaws and the Muirheads. I, therefore, have a deep seated yearning to know about this part of my ethnic background, my Scot heritage. The things of lore that I have collected here are the result of my attempt to satisfy that yearning.

   Certain of the pages in this section are devoted to the history of the Scottish Kings. The primary content of these pages are genealogical histories of the men (and a few women) who ruled over the Celtic tribes of the Scots and Picts inhabiting that part of Alba we know today as Scotland. I have included ones to which I have direct access in order to share them with others who might not have that direct access. (In other words, I own a copy of the book, An Appendix To The History Of Scotland, so it made sense for me to include the information from it on this site.) There are quite a number of very good websites that feature transcriptions of early documents detailing the pedigrees of the Scottish and Irish kings, that for me to include many of them here would be pointless. The visitor who wishes to find such items should check out the Scottish Lore Links page.

   I have also included links to certain of my pages of personal genealogical data on the family lines which descend from Scottish and Irish progenitors. The pages devoted to the Shaw lineage includes information drawn from traditional, legendary and mythical sources. Whether it can all be believed is anyone’s guess. The fact of the matter is that it is the family lore; and that, of course, is the lure of it. 

   The Kings Of Scotland ~ According To "An Appendix To The History Of Scotland", 1721 (by George Buchanan)

   The Scot Kings Of Dal Riada ~ According To The "Senchus Fer N’Alban"

   A History Of The Dal Riada Scots And Their Settlement Of Alba

   A History Of The Ulster Scots And The Emigration To America

   A History Of The Scottish Clans

   The Highland Clans

   The Armigerous Families

   The Battle Of Flodden Field ~ 9 September 1513

   Personal Genealogy ~ Shaw    {Including the genealogy from Adam and Eve, through Gaodhal Glas and Scota, and on through the sons of Erc of Dal Riada, and on through Shaw Mac~an~toisich to the present generation.}

   Personal Genealogy ~ Muirhead

   Scottish Lore Links