A Chronology OThe American Revolutionary War


   The essays which are included on this website, under the heading of A Chronology Of The American Revolutionary War, are not intended to match the depth of research provided by the number of very good books on the subject of the American Revolutionary War that are currently available to the reading public. My intention, with these essays, is to provide a basic synopsis of the important events of the war, with emphasis on eye-witness accounts of those events, where possible.

   As the newsletter editor for the Blair County Chapter, Pennsylvania Society, Sons of the American Revolutionary War for the past nine years, I have been engaged in the process of writing this chronology of the American Revolutionary War. It has been included in the Chapter's quarterly newsletter as a serialized essay since 1993.

   The Chronology Of The American Revolutionary War will be included on this website, as in the Chapter's newsletter, in serialized format. Therefore, you will initially find the installments already published in the Blair County Chapter newsletter. Then, on a routine basis, about every three months, new installments will be added.