The Old~Greenfield Township Historical Society began in the year 1988 under the name of the Freedom Township Historical Society. At that time, the intent and purpose of the society was to research and archive information about the people and history of just the area encompassed by Freedom Township. The members later realized that the study of just the Freedom Township area was too limited in terms of both the geographical area (and the historical events which have taken place in that limited area) and the time period in which the township of Freedom has existed (from 1857 to the present). As a result of the fact the history of Freedom Township and the family lines that have resided in that township were closely connected to the history and family lines of its neighboring townships in the valley formed between Dunnings Mountain and the Allegheny Mountain, it was decided to expand the scope of the society. The Old~ Greenfield Township Historical Society was devoted to the research of the history of the residents of the Blair County townships of Freedom, Greenfield and Juniata and the Bedford County townships of Kimmel and Pavia (previously Union).

Important Note

 The Old~Greenfield Township Historical Society is no longer in existence. The library and archives of the Old~Greenfield Township Historical Society are still housed in a room on the second floor of the Roaring Spring Community Library at 320 East Main Street, Roaring Spring, PA (i.e. the Eldon Inn building), and are available for research by visitors to the library.


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  A Brief History Of The Formation Of Old~Greenfield Township

  The Early Settlers Of Old~Greenfield Township    (including: The Residents Of 1798)

  Old~Greenfield Township ~ Yesterday And Today

  Some Facts About The Present-Day Townships That Descend From Old~Greenfield

  Legends And Tales Of Old~Greenfield Township

  The Genealogy Of Old~Greenfield Township

  Old~Greenfield Township's Link To The Sons Of Mil

  Archival Acquisition Log Index


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  A Concise History Of The Old~Greenfield Township Society