This Archival Acquisition Log Index contains a listing of all of the items maintained by the Old-Greenfield Township Historical Society. The title of the item appears in the block to the left. The middle block indicates the type of item (e.g. Book, Comp(ilation), Map, etc). The file number appears in the block to the right.

About Face - The Odyssey Of An American Warrior Book B0227
The Abraham Showalter Descendants Comp. C0028
Abstracts Of York County Pennsylvania Wills 1749-1819 Book B0198
The Act Creating Bedford As A Distinct County Essay E0017
Adam McKee Descendants Comp. C0069
Alexander Wilt Family Bible Record Comp. C0086
Allegheny Portage Railroad Book B0092
Allegheny Chronicles Book B0207
Altoona Area Railroad Pictorial History Book B0196
Amanda Nofsker (at age 24) Photo P0045
American Heritage (various volumes) Book B0097 B0101
The American Heritage Book Of The Revolution Book B0047
The American Pageant - A History Of The Republic (1865 to the Present) Book B0085
America's Families: A Documentary History Book B0112
Ancestors And Descendants Of Henry Weyandt Burket And Catherine Smith Burket Book B0159
Ancestral Charts For Raymond C. Lantz Comp. C0087
Ancient Accepted Scottish Rite, Valley Of Pittsburgh, Ninety Third Annual Reunion 1945 Book B0070
Annie Oakley And Buffalo Bill's Wild West Essay E0030
Area Man Pledges To Restore Historic Mill Essay E0082
Area Man's Murder Won't Rest Essay E0094
Articles Of Association - Passed By The Committee Of Safety August 19, 1775 Essay E0059
Artillery Through The Ages Book B0064
At Dawn We Slept -The Untold Story Of Pearl Harbor Book B0228
Backgrounds Of American Life Book B0145
Bare Genealogy Comp. C0105
The Barley Bounty Essay E0074
Barndollar Reunion - Everett Essay E0052
The Battle Of Frankstown Essay E0044
The Battle Of McKee's Gap, 1863 Poem E0012
Battle Ties Essay E0075
Bed & Breakfast Opens in 1840 Stone House In Waterside Essay E0050
Bedford And Huntingdon Counties Excerpted From The 1790 Census Comp. C0006
Bedford County: A Brief History Book B0016
Bedford County Bicentennial Book B0015
Bedford County (Pennsylvania) In The American Revolution Book B0187
Bedford County Pictorial History Book B0178
Bedford County Townships Comp. C0077
The Bedford Gazette 23 July, 1990 Book B0105
Bedford, Pennsylvania Book B0039
Bedford Praises Soldier Essay E0089
Bedford Township Residents Lists, 1773, 1774, 1775, 1776, 1779, 1783 and 1784 Comp. C0052
Bible Records Of Joseph & Barbara Clapper Comp. C0067
Bible Records Of Thomas Dodson Essay E0116
Bicentennial Collection Antique A0012
Bicentennial Commemorative - Newry Celebrating 100th Anniversary As A Borough Book B0172
Bicentennial Map Of The County Of Blair Visual V0004
The Bill Of Rights, 200 Years Of Facts Book B0131
Blackburn Beginnings Comp. C0109
Blair County Allied Volunteer Fireman's Association Book B0001
Blair County Directory 1870-1871 Altoona City Book B0171
Blair County Historical Sites Book B0077
Blair County Historical Society's Newsletter "Past & Present" No. 4, 5, 6 Booklets B0138
Blair County Pennsylvania 1859 Township Maps Map M0023
Blair County Pennsylvania Will Testators Index 1846-1882 Book B0188
Blair County's First Hundred Years 1846-1946 Book B0004
Blair County Yesterday And Today Book B0108
Blair Landmark May Yet Be Saved Esay E0067
Blair, Main Line (A History Of The Tuckahoe Valley) Book B0076
The Blue Ribbon Cookbook Book B0100
The Book Of Blair County - American Revolutionary Bicentennial Edition Book B0009
The Bowser Family History Comp. C0038
Brannen Family Notes Essay E0039
Brick, Souvenir Antique A0014
A Brief History Of East Freedom Essay E0025
Bridge To Lafayette Park In McKee Photo P0025
British Parliament Debates On Whether To Continue The American War Essay E0013
Burial Record Of Union Soldiers - Blair County Comp. C0078
Button Hook, Shoe Antique A0005
Call It Frigid In Bedford County Essay E0118
A Call To Bishops, And Others... (Quaker Propaganda Pamphlet) Pamphlet B0037
The Capitol: A Pictorial History Of The Capitol And Of The Congress Book B0053
Celebrating 100 Years - Mt. Union United Methodist Church 1896-1996, Spruce Hollow School 1882-1959, Lovely, PA Book B0181
Celebrating The 100th Anniversary Trinity Evangelical Lutheran Church, Woodbury, PA 1882-1982 Book B0027
Celebration Of Sesquicentennial Of Blair County 1846-1996 Commemorative Booklet Of Events Book B0192
Cemeteries Of Bedford Co. Vol. 1 Book B0205
Cemeteries Of Bedford Co. Vol. 2 Book B0206
Cemeteries Of Freedom Twp, Volume I Book B0130
Cemeteries Of The Claysburg Area Volume 4 Book B0195
Cemeteries Of The Claysburg Area Volume 3 Book B0194
Cemeteries Of The Claysburg Area Volume 2 Book B0193
Cemetery List - Thompson Funeral Home Comp. C0089
Census Of Population: 1950 Volume I, Number Of Inhabitants Book B0023
The Century Book B0220
A Century Of McKee History Essay E0010
Chairmen Of The 100th Anniversary Of East Freedom Committee Photo P0048
CHS Graduates Last Of 2 Large Freedom Families Essay E0053
Church Service Starts McKee Week Essay E0009
The Civil War Videotape F0003
Civil War Hero Gets New Grave Marker Essay E0048
Civil War Records Of Benjamin Rough Essay E0055
Civil War Records Of Frederick Hainsey Essay E0058
Civil War Records Of George Snyder Essay E0056
"Civil War Soldier" Speaks Essay E0060
Civil War Records Of Valentine Hainsey Essay E0057
Claar Church Marks Century Of Worship Essay E0070
Claar Genealogy Comp. C0039
Clar - Biography Of Johan Simon Clar Book B0111
The Class Tax Of 1782 Bedford County Comp. C0084
Cleaning Up History (Dodson Cemetery) Photo P0031
Club Preserves County's Relic Of Civil War Essay E0090
Collecting Books And Autographs Book B0149
Community Joins War Group To Honor Patriot Essay E0064
Community Old Home Week, August 7-12, East Freedom, PA Book B0119 B0174
Compilation Of The Liebegott Collection And Other Resources In The Genealogy Room - Martinsburg Community Library Comp. C0003
The Concise Illustrated History Of The Civil War Book B0183
Constitution Of the United States 1787 Visual V0001
The Continental Army - Lineages Book B0095
Correspondent Serves Mirror For 31 Years - Marie Tremel Of Marionsville, PA Essay E0022
County Has Several Ties To Revolutionary War Essay E0117
County Rallies To Stop Rebels At McKee's Gap Essay E0114
Cove County Idea Failed Essay E0080
Curtis Family Comp. C0099
Days Gone By, Special Christmas Edition 1993 Book B0170
D Day Book B0226
D-Day Normandy Book B0221
Death Records For The Newry Area Between 1907 And 1954 Comp. C0091
Dedication - Christ Lutheran Church, Claysburg, Pennsylvania Book B0212
Dedication For Patriot Essay E0087
Dedication Of Memorial To Be Held Sunday Essay E0007
Dedication United States Post Office East Freedom, PA Book B0202
Deed Directing Discharge Of Legacies Under Will Of Richard Shirley, Deceased Essay E0084
Deed Of Jonathan B. Snider Essay E0115
Deed Of Shirley To Sell 1866 Essay E0083
Deeds And Wills Of Adam Livingston Essay E0122
Delozier To Glass Essay E0065
Descendants Of Balthasar Klar Comp. E0131
Descendants Of Hans Adam Klee Comp. E0132
Descendants Of Hans Jakob Schaub, Sr Comp. E0139
Descendants Of Jacob Stifler, Sr Comp. E0140
The Descendants Of Jacob Wertman And Sarah Harris Comp. C0096
Descendants Of Johannes Gern, Sr Comp. E0128
Descendants Of Mathias Bausser, Sr Comp. E0124
Descendants Of Michael Naffzger Comp. E0136
Descendants Of Oliver Cromwell, Sr Comp. E0126
Descendants Of Peter Boyer, Sr Comp. E0125
Descendants Of Peter Mock, Sr Comp. E0133
Descendants Of Peter Mohr, Sr Comp. E0134
Descendants Of Philip Wendell Holtzel Comp. E0129
Descendants Of Robert Muirhead Comp. E0135
Descendants Of Rudolph Walter Comp. E0141
Descendants Of Valentine Ficus, Sr Comp. E0127
Descendants Of Wilhelm Imler Comp. E0130
Descendants Of William Proctor, Sr Comp. E0137
Descendants Of William Shaw, Sr Comp. E0138
Descended From The Likes Of Shoemakers And Such - The Kinfolk Of Henry Martin Cleveland And Bertha Nofsker Book B0154
Detterline Genealogy Comp. C0098
Dibert School - 1898 Photo P0049
D. M. Bare Paper Company - A Brief Glance At It's Beginning - It's Growth Essay E0123
Dodson Family Cemetery - East Freedom, PA Book B0088
Do People Grow On Family Trees? Book B0151
Downtown Altoona Street Scene - Mock Accident Photo P0036
Dry Run Gospel Tabernacle 50th Anniversary 1939-1989 Book B0155
Duncansville Caps A Packed Century Essay E0085
Duncansville, PA - 150th Anniversary 1831-1981 Sesquicentennial Celebration June 21-27, 1981 Book B0042
Dunnings Creek Church Marks 150th Essay E0086
Duplicate Of Road Tax For 1896 Freedom Twp Comp. C0083
Early Education (East Freedom Elementary School) Essay E0062
Early German Settlers Of York County Pennsylvania Book B0197
East Freedom Central Grammar School Photo P0024
East Freedom Elementary School List (according to the Morrisons Cove Herald) Aug. 28, 1958 to Aug. 18, 1988 Comp. C0047
East Freedom Elementary School List - 1989/1990 Kindergarden Comp. C0058
East Freedom Church Ends Bible School June 1960 Photo P0052
East Freedom Kindergarten 1991/92 Comp. C0082
East Freedom - 150th Anniversary Book B0035
East Freedom, PA PRR Station Photo P0022
East Freedom Post Office Essay E0003
East Freedom Post Office - Blair County, PA Comp. C0035
East Freedom School (early 1910s) Photo P0032
East Freedom Scrapbook Of Margaret Ann Noffsker Comp. C0040
Edwards Family Group Records Comp. C0080
1850 Census Juniata Township, Blair Co., PA Comp. C0056
1859 Map Of Blair County Map M0022
1859 Map Of Freedom Township Map M0003
1892 Freedom Township Directory Comp. C0041
1808 Triennial Tax Assessment - Bedford County, PA Book B0179
1870 Census - Freedom Township Comp. C0042
1873 Map Of Freedom Township Map M0002
1860 U.S. Census - Blair County, Freedom Township Comp. C0027
1828 Greenfield Township Tax Assessment Return Comp. C0092
Encyclopedia Of American History Book B0045
Encyclopedia Of American History Book B0153
Etna Iron Works Warrants Investigation Essay E0018
Evangelical Lutheran Church - St. Paul's Congregation (Barley Lutheran - Baker Summit) Book B0163
Evans And Baker Families Genealogy Book B0099
Evans Genealogy Comp. C0074
Evans Of Pennsylvania Book B0150
Eyewitness - 150 Years Of Photojournalism Book B0218
Faculty And First 8th Grade To Leave Freedom Twp Consolidated School 1934-35 Photo P0047
Faith United Lutheran Parish Church Records Comp. C0103
Faith United Lutheran Pastorate - 1973 Pictorial Directory Book B0210
Family Group Of George Washington Snyder, Sr Comp. C0034
Family Group Of John Smith Wertman Comp. C0049
Family Group Sheet For Edward McGraw And Sarah Shirley Comp. C0012
Family Group Sheet For Edward McGraw, Jr And Mary Cassidy Comp. C0013
Family Group Sheet For John Shirley And Charity Comp. C0015
Family Group Sheet For Peter McGraw And Catherine McAfee Comp. C0014
Family Record Of The Showalters Comp. C0029
Family Reunion Of The Descendants Of Samuel Diehl Book B0142 B0190
Fan, Advertising Antique A0011
The Federal Union - A History Of The United States To 1865 Book B0083
50th Anniversary 1937-1987 Hainsey-Fagans-McNalley Reunion Book B0074
50th Jaffa Circus Shrine Souvenir Program Book B0061
The First Century - A History Of The 28th Infantry Division Book B0146
First Reunion Of The Well-Known Stiffler Family Essay E0027
The First Salute Book B0215
Flood 1972 A Review Of The June Disaster Book B0032
The Flood Of '96 Book B0191
Ford 38th President Essay E0032
The Formation Of The Townships Of Blair County Booklet B0147
Former East Freedom Elementary School Teachers Comp. C0068
Fort Roberdeau - The Garrison And Military Life 1778-1780 Book B0019
Fort Zachary Taylor Essay E0119
400 Attend Freedom School Dedication Essay E0069
Frank Leslie's Illustrated Newspaper, New York, For The Week Ending June 15, 1889 Book B0148
Freedom 5th Grade In 1956 Photo P0026
Freedom School Project To Be Dedicated Tuesday Essay E0068
The Freedom Township Bicentennial Quilt Book B0079
Freedom Township Consolidated School Photo P0041
Freedom Township Consolidated School Dedication Program, Wednesday, August 29, 1934 Book B0143
Freedom Township, Blair County One Hundred Twenty-Fifth Anniversary Book B0005
Freedom Township Historical Society Has New Name & Logo Essay E0081
Freedom Township Historical Society Newsletter(s) beginning with Issue #1, Winter, 1988 Newsletter B0036 B0058 B0059 B0069 B0081 B0089 B0106 B0107
Freedom Township Historical Society 1988 Celebrations In East Freedom Photo P0017
Freedom Township 125th Anniversary Photo Album Book B0125
Freedom Township Sesquicentennial Church Service - Leamersville Church Of The Brethren, Friday, December 16, 1988 Book B0040
Freedom Township - Topographic & Geologic Survey Map M0015
Freedom Township War Memorial Dedication June 21, 1964 Book B0086
Gavel & Block Antique A0009
Geeseytown Evangellical Lutheran Church 100th Anniversary 1883-1983 Book B0028
Genealogical Helper - Magazine 1976 through 1999 Comp. C0108
Genealogical Information On The Descendants Of Frederick M. Mosel Comp. C0036
Genealogical Map Of The Counties Map M0007
Genealogical Notes And Information On The Name Of Stiffler Comp. C0045
Genealogical Records At The Pennsylvania State Archives Comp. C0008
The Genealogie Of All The Kings Of Scotland Essay E0029
Genealogists And The Gregorian Calendar Essay E0023
Genealogy Of Ickes' Essay E0112
Genealogy Of The Family Of Johannes Gottfried Reichert And Maria Barbara Imler Comp. C0022
Genealogy Of William Henry Ake And His Descendants Book B0162
Gen. Rodman Played Part in Cove Iron Industry Essay E0015
A Geography Of Europe Book B0056
The Genuine Works Of Flavius Josephus (Volume I of 2-volume set) Book B0113
A Grave Rededication Ceremony For John McChesney Essay E0103
Gravesite Dedication For Jacob Schmitt, Sr: A Patriot Who Helped Establish American Independence While Serving In The Bedford County Militia, As A Ranger On The Frontier Booklet E0047
Great Seal Of The Province Of Pennsylvania Visual V0002
Greenfield Township Tax Lists 1846, Excerpted From: Blair County Tax Records 1846 / Blair County Genealogical Society Publication No.1 Comp. C0017
Greenfield Township Tax List 1799 Bedford County Comp. C0054
Greenfield Township Tax Records, 1800, 1802, 1805 and 1811 Comp. C0050
Grove School Of Jugtown 1908-9 Photo P0033
Handy Book For Genealogists Book B0176
Harry Madara Photo P0028
Heider Genealogy Comp. C0065
Heinrich Naftzger And His Nofsker/Nophsker Descendants Essay E0035
Heltzel Genealogy Comp. C0101
Henry C. Feather Essay E0020
Heritage Quest Genealogical Seminar Audiotape F0001
A Hershey Family Branch Book B0158
Historical Society Celebrates At Post Office Photo P0010
The History Of Blair County Iron Works Book B0020
A History Of Blair County Pennsylvania (Davis 1931) Book B0177
A History Of Blair County, Pennsylvania - Fifty Years (Clark 1896) Book B0173
A History Of Christ Lutheran Church, Claysburg, PA 1848-1998 Book B0201
History Of Huntingdon And Blair Counties, Pennsylvania (Africa 1883) Book B0110
A History Of Lakemont Park 1894-1989 Book B0087
The History Of McKee, Pennsylvania 1812-1987 Book B0008
History Of The Church Of The Brethren In The Middle District Of Pennsylvania Book B0161
History Of The Descendants Of Peter Burket Late Of Sinking Valley, Blair County, Penna. Book B0157
The History Of The Harker - Hanna Family Book B0080
History Of The Johnstown Flood Book B0043
A History Of The Nineteenth Century Year By Year, Volume Two, 1816-1857 Book B0084
History Of The United States Book B0057
History Of Union Township Book B0120
Hite's Funeral Records - April 11, 1933 To April 02, 1956 Comp. C0088
Horseshoe Curve Dedication Weekend Booklet B0144
The Household Physician Book B0082
How To Find Your Family Roots Book B0078 B0109
Huntingdon County Will Testators Index 1787-1908 Book B0189
Huntingdon Holding On To Peiece Of Rail History Essay E0033
Husker, Corn Antique A0006
The Illustrated World History Book B0054
Indian Eve And Her Descendants: An Indian Story Of Bedford County, Pennsylvania Book B0003
Innocency Cleared: The Liberties... (Quaker Propaganda Pamphlet) Pamphlet B0038
Iron, Flat Antique A0004
Iron Works Book B0208
Iron Workers Were Pugnacious Essay E0041
James Shirley Articles Essay E0113
Jayne's Tonic Advertise. E0011
A Jewel In The Diadem - Church Of St. Patrick Newry, Pennsylvania Celebrates One Hundred And Seventy-Five Years Of Service 1816-1991 Book B0133
Johan Simon Clar Gravesite Dedication Ceremony 21 September, 1991 Book B0136
John Ickes, Sr Of York And Bedford Counties, Penna Essay E0110
Images Of The Civil War in West Virginia Book B0225
The Johnstown Area Map M0019
The Johnstown Flood Book B0018
The Johnstown Flood Videotape F0002
The Johnstown Flood - 1977 Book B0132
Jugtown School Photo P0027
Juniata Community Directory Book B0071
Know Your Blair County Book B0200
The Ladder Of History: A World History Book B0055
Lakemont Park Casino Photo P0009
Lakemont Park Scene Photo P0044
Lantern, Kerosene Antique A0008
Legends Of Old Hawaii - As Told By Tutu To Her Grandchildren Book B0072
Lehman Family History Book B0126
The Lemon Family, The Lemon House Book B0094
The Lenni Lenape (Delaware) Blair County People I Essay E0073
Levi Roush Photo P0012
Levi Roush Memorial Service Photo P0037
Library Serves As Army's Attic Essay E0071
Lineage Chart Of Jacob Schmitt, Sr Comp. C0063
Lineage Of Jacob Smith (On Clover Creek, On Mt. Coxis Land) Comp. C0066
Lineage Of Mathew Ivory Comp. C0097
Lingenfelter Family Papers Essay E0077
Lingenfelter Hotel Guest Registers Comp. C0046
A List Of Persons Who Voted At A General Election Held At the House Of John Burkheimer In St. Claire Township On Tuesday The 9th Day Of October 1821 Comp. C0030
Log Cabin Mythology Book B0118
The Long Journey, 150 Years Of Progress Claysburg, PA 1804-1954 Book B0060
Looking Backward At A Forward Looking Town (Roaring Spring) Book B0041
Loretto's Past Rich In Stories Of Founders Essay E0019
The Lost Children Of The Alleghenies Book B0017
Lower Claar Cemetery Comp. C0076
Malone Family Information Comp. C0064
Malone Family Papers Essay E0072
Map Of A Part Of The Middle British Colonies Prior To The Revolution From Governor Pownall's Map Of 1776 Map M0020
Map Of Pennsylvania Before 1800 Map M0016
Map Of Pennsylvania 1830 - Bedford County Map M0018
Map Of The Province Of Pennsylvania Of 1770 Map M0004
Maps Of Pennsylvania And Blair County Comp. C0090
Marklesburg Centennial 1873-1973 Book B0168
Marriage Application Records - Blair County, PA Vol. I 1885-1890 Book B0199
Marriage Application Records - Blair County, PA Vol. III 1894-1895-1896 Book B0216
Marriage Records Of Clearfield County, Pennsylvania Comp. C0106
Matrimonial & Baptismal Records Of Rev. D. A. Gallitzin / Register Of Deaths In St. Michael's Parish, Loretto, PA From Nov. 17, 1793 To Oct. 10, 1899 / Paschal Communions - 1810 (Rev. Gallitzin) Comp. C0016
The May-Flower And Her Log Book B0044
The McChessney Family Tree And Its Branches Book B0134
McChessney/sney Family Heritage Newsletter #4 Essay E0102
McChessney/sney Family Heritage Newsletter #3 Essay E0101
McChessney/sney Family Heritage Newsletter #2 Essay E0100
McChessney/sney Family Newsletter (#1) Essay E0099
McGraw Family Essay E0004
McKee Essay E0005
McKee Buildings Photo P0003
McKee Grammar School 1926 Photo P0051 P0053
The McKee Grammar School 1926/27 Photo P0054
McKee Notes 175th Birthday Essay E0008
McKee, Pa April, 1987 Photo P0016
McKee, Pa December, 1913 Photo P0014
McKee, Pa March 2, 1913 Photo P0013
McKee, Pa 1913 Photo P0015
McKee Playground Record Books Book B0033
McKee Primary School 1926-27 Photo P0050
McKee Primary School Of 1915 Photo P0002
McKee Railroad Station Photo P0040
McKee School Photo P0043
McKee School 1912-13 Photo P0019
McKee's Gap Directory 1878-1879 Comp. C0007
McKee's Public School No.3 1907 and 1908 Comp. C0031
Memorial Day In Boalsburg Book B0103
Memorial Day Wreath-Laying At Freedom Township Veteran Memorial Photo P0038
Memorial Hospital Celebrates 100 Years Of Caring Book B0062
A Memorial To The Dear Folks Of Pavia Book B0182
Men On Bridge In Freedom Township Photo P0039
Meshach Browning - His Ancestors And Descendants In America Book B0167
Migration Of Ickes Families In United States Essay E0111
Military Services And Genealogical Records Of Soldiers Of Blair County, Pennsylvania Book B0165
Mines Church Cemetery, Oreminea, PA Comp. C0062
Minute Men Of Pennsylvania Book B0124
Miscellaneous Information On Maryland, Virginia, Delaware And West Virginia Essay E0098
Miscellaneous Notes About McKee Comp. C003
Mr. & Mrs. Bernard Smith - 45th Wedding Anniversary Essay E0034
Morrisons Cove Herald - Articles And Extracts 1892-1896 Book B0115
Morrisons Cove Herald - Articles And Extracts Special Edition 1935 Book B0116
Morrisons Cove Herald - Article Extracts And Indexes 1872-1891 Book B0114
Morrisons Cove Herald - Martinsburg Extends Welcome On 125th Anniversary Book B0031
Morrisons Cove Herald - Thursday, June 29, 1961 Book B0014 B0030
Mort Kunstler's Civil War - The North Book B0230
Mother Bedford And The American Revolutionary War Book B0203
Mount Etna Furnace Restoration Possible Essay E0061
Mt. Hope, Blue Knob, Blair County, PA Cemetery Comp. C0023
Mt. Sinai, Blue Knob, Blair County, PA Cemetery Comp. C0024
Mt. Zion United Church Of Christ Cem., Pavia, PA Members Of Co. K. 55 Reg't P.V. Comp. C0085
The Mystery Of Rachel: A Smith Genealogy Unraveled Book B0121
New Leamersville-McKee Road Will Affect Eight Dwellings Essay E0016
A New Monument To Remembering - With A Mission - The Holocaust Memorial Museum Essay E0104
Newspapers Available At Baker Mansion (Altoon, PA) Comp. C0002
New Testament (1845 with Glass family history) Book B0052
1900-1901 East Freedom District Souvenir School Pupil Listing Comp. C0075
1994 Blair County Allied Firemen's Convention Book B0169
The 1920 Federal Population Census Book B0204
19th And 20th Century Jews Of Johnstown Book B0067
Nofsker Newsletter #5 Essay E0109
Nofsker Newsletter #4 Essay E0108
Nofsker Newsletter #1 Essay E0105
Nofsker Newsletter #3 Essay E0107
Nofsker Newsletter #2 Essay E0106
Nofsker - The Ancestors And Descendants Of Cleveland And Bertha Nofsker Book B0002
North America 1770 Map M0021
Oak Grove School, District No.7 1929 Comp. C0032
Of Men And Muskets - Stories Of The Civil War Book B0229
The Official Score Book - East Freedom Ball Team - 1937 Book B0075
The Old Farmer's Almanac 1793 Book B0141
The Old Farmer's 1992 Almanac - Hardcover Edition Book B0140
The Old Farmer's 1992 Almanac, 200th Anniversary Edition Book B0137
Old Graves Near Leighty's Market Comp. C0019
Old-Greenfield Township Pamphlet E0079
Old-Greenfield Township Historical Society Article Essay E0120
Old-Greenfield Township Historical Society Newsletter (various issues) Newsletter B0127 B0128 B0129 B0160
One Hundred Fiftieth Anniversary - Newry Lutheran Church 1801-1951 Book B0209
175th Anniversary Newry Lutheran Church, Newry, Pennsylvania Book B0213
100 Years After Johnstown's Flood Essay E0026
100th Anniversary - East Freedom United Methodist Church 1880-1980 Book B0026
One Hundredth Anniversary Of East Freedom, Pennsylvania 1838-1938 Book B0010
100th Anniversary - St. Paul's Lutheran Church, East Freedom, PA 1882-1982 Book B0006
100th Anniversary - The Leamersville Church Of The Brethren 1873-1973 Book B0025
Ore Hill School 1895-1896 Comp. C0051
Origins Of The American Revolution Book B0051
Our Irish Heritage - The Malloy-Harbison Newsletter Book B0096
Our Irish Heritage, Vol. I, No. 4 Book B0011
Our Irish Heritage, Vol. I, No. 1 Book B0012
Past & Present, Issue #3 Book B0007
Pavia Homesteads Book B0224
Paw Paw Run - Feather Cemetery Comp. C0059
Pearl Harbor Essay E0092
Pennsylvania Archives, 3rd Series, Volume VII, State Of The Accounts Of The County Lieutenants 1777-1789 Book B0186
The Pennsylvania Canals Book B0093
Pennsylvania Coat Of Arms 1779; Seals Of The Committee Of Safety 1775 And Assembly Of Pennsylvania 1776 Visual V0003
Pennsylvania Genealogist And Historian #9 through #16 Comp. C0107
Pennsylvania History Book B0184
Pennsylvania House Of Representatives Book B0185
Pennsylvania Iron Manufacture In The Eighteenth Century Book B0102
Pennsylvania Line - A Research Guide To Pennsylvania Genealogy And Local History - Fourth Edition Book B0090
The Pennsylvania Manual 1957-1958, Volume 93 Book B0021
The Pennsylvania Manual 1970-1971, Volume 100 Book B0022
A Petition Of The Bedford County Board Of Commissioners To the General Assembly Of Pennsylvania 1779 Essay E0045
Photograph Of The Rodman Furnace Photo P0001
Photographs Of East Freedom Photo P0046
Photographs Of McKee Photo P0011
A Pictorial History Of The United States Book B0050
Pictorial History Of The World Book B0065
Pig Iron Antique A0001
Pine Grove Cemetery, aka Poplar Run Cemetery aka Puzzletown Cemetery Comp. C0026
Pioneer Lineages Volume I Book B0091
Pomeroy's Atlas Map M0024
Population Census Items 1790-1980 Comp. C0009
Postcards, School Souvenir Antique A0013
Post Office At McKee, Like Historic Iron Works, Goes. Essay E0002
Potter Creek Church - St John's Evangelical Lutheran Church Book B0164
Pressel Cemetery Comp. C0079
Pupil's Report Of Monthly Examinations Artifact A0015
Puzzletown Article In Dell Pencil Puzzles & Word Games Essay E0049
"Quiet" People Note 200 Years In Cove Essay E0054
A Ranger On The Frontier - Jacob Schmitt, Sr's Revolitionary War Service Book B0117
Razor, Rat-Tail Straight Antique A0003
Recent Air-View Of East Freedom, 1946 Photo P0018
Record Of Pennsylvania Volunteers In The Spanish-American War, 1898 Book B0166
Record Of The Federal Dead - Buried From Libby, Belle Isle, Danville & Camp Lawton Prisons, Etc. Book B0180
Records Of Veterans Buried In Local Cemeteries Comp. C0033
Rediscover American Roads Book B0219
Reenactment Of Conference To Be Highlight Of Week Essay E0076
A Regiment Of Invalids Essay E0088
Remember William Penn 1644-1944 Book B0122
Remembering - Laying A Memorial Wreath At Veteran's Monument Photo P0034
Replogles Early Settlers In Cove Essay E0091
Revised And Enlarged History Of Henrietta Book B0013 B0175
Revolutionary War Battlefields 1775-1781 Map M0017
Revolutionary War, The (America's Fight For Freedom) Book B0217
Rhua Snowberger's Scrapbook Comp. C0043
Ritchey Information Essay E0093
Ritchey Reunion Register 1924 Comp. C0102
Riverview Cemetery Association List Of Burials Comp. C0055
Riverview Cemetery - Leamersville, PA Comp. C0001 C0073
Roaring Spring, Newry, Leamersville, Gap Scrapbook C0093
Roaring Spring Quadrangle - State Of Pennsylvania Department Of Internal Affairs Topographic And Geologic Survey Map M0008
Robert's Rules Of Order Book B0034
Rodman Essay E0006
Rodman Before Quarry Photo P0023
Rodman Cemetery, Roaring Spring Comp. C0020
Rodman Gun Photo P0055
Rodman Gun Exhibit 'Found' Photo P0030 P0042
Rollins Ancient History - The Ancient History Of The Egyptians, Carthaginiaans, Assyrians, Babylonians, Medes And Persians, Macedonians And Grecians Book B0063
Royer Cemetery Comp. C0071
The Royer Family - Ironmasters Of Blair County, Pennsylvania Book B0029
Royster's 1950 Almanac Book B0024
St. Paul's Lutheran Church Records Comp. C0104
SAR Honors Smith Corner Settler Essay E0046
Saxton Could Have Been Known As home Of Telephone Essay E0051
Schools Consolidated Into Spring Cove School District Comp. C0094
A Scrapbook History Of Williamsburg Book B0046
Sean McChessney's Family Tree Comp. C0048
Secret History Of The American Revolution Book B0223
1779 Petition By Bedford County For Tax Exemption Essay E0043
1776 Bicentennial 1976 Religious Program At Leamersville Church Of The Brethren Book B0214
Six Thousand Years Of History Book B0066
Skilled Miners Aided U.S. Army Essay E0040
Smith Corner Church History (Smith Corner Mennonite Church) Essay E0001
Smith, Davis And Dodson Cemetery Records, Freedom Township,PA Comp. C0004
Smith School Circa 1898-1902 Photo P0020
Smith School Circa 1900 Photo P0021
Smith School 1908-1909 Comp. C0057
Smiths Residing In Bedford County Prior To The Revolutionary War Period 1774-1786 Comp. C0072
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Storehouse For Shoenberger's Furnace At McKee Photo P0029
Story Of East Freedom Essay E0024
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Swinton'sWord-Book Of English Spelling Book B0073
Taxables For Freedom Township 1910 Comp. C0011
Tax Assessment Map Of County Of Blair Pennsylvania - Freedom Township No. 9-0 Map M0009
Tax Assessment Map Of County Of Blair Pennsylvania - Freedom Township No. 9-7 Map M0011
Tax Assessment Map Of County Of Blair Pennsylvania - Freedom Township No. 9-7A Map M0012
Tax Assessment Map Of County Of Blair Pennsylvania - Freedom Township No. 9-7B Map M0013
Tax Assessment Map Of County Of Blair Pennsylvania - Freedom Township No. 9-7C Map M0014
Tax Assessment Map Of County Of Blair Pennsylvania - Freedom Township No. 9-6 Map M0010
Teachers Of Blair County, PA 1923-24 Comp. C0060
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Tombstone Of Edward McGraw Photo P0005
Tombstone Of George McKee Photo P0007
Tombstone Of John G. McKee And George G. McKee Photo P0006
Tombstone Of Rebecca P. McKee Photo P0008
Tombstones Of Edward And Mary McGraw Photo P0004
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