Each of us are composed of genetic material derived from our two parents, each of whom were composed of genetic material derived from each of their two parents, each of whom, in turn, were composed of genetic material derived from their respective two parents, and so on. Each of us, therefore, are composed of genetic material derived from numerous direct-line ancestors. The information in genetic material does not break down until after nearly fifteen generations. That means that the genetic material that I am composed of is somewhat the same as that of my great15-grandparents. It also means that each generation donated certain genetic material to the mixture that eventually became me. The desire to know who my ancestors were, so that I might know from whom I got my blue eyes and my propensity to be bald, is what forms the primary attraction of the study of genealogy.

 My direct line ancestors bore surnames that were German, Irish, Swiss and Scottish. The pages which are attached to this page present, by generation, the lineages of various of my ancestors.

 This site will usually be in a state of flux as I add new lines which I have fleshed out, and make corrections to ones which I already had.

 My paternal surname is Smith, which is the Anglicized version of the German name Schmitt. My maternal surname is Nofsker, which is the Anglicized version of the Swiss name Naftzger.

 Note: The dates of births shown below are approximate time ranges for the individuals who make up the particular generations. There are, of course, some exceptions to the general ranges.

 Descendants of

 Mathias Bausser, Sr

  Generation No. 1 (Births in 1670s-1730s)

  Generation No. 2 (Births in 1730s-1750s)

  Generation No. 3 (Births in 1760s-1790s)

  Generation No. 4 (Births in 1800s-1830s)

  Generation No. 5 (Births in 1830s-1850s)

  Generation No. 6 (Births in 1850s-1880s)

  Generation No. 7 (Births in 1880s-1930s)

  Generation No. 8 (Births in 1910s-1940s)

  Generation No. 9 (Births in 1940s-1960s)

  Generation No. 10 (Births in 1960s-1980s)

  Generation No. 11 (Births in 1970s-1990s)

  Generation No. 12 (Births in 1980s-1990s)

 Descendants of

 Michael Itig, Sr

  Generation No. 1 (Births in 1660s-1670s)

  Generation No. 2 (Births in 1670s-1700s)

  Generation No. 3 (Births in 1700s-1710s)

  Generation No. 4 (Births in 1710s-1740s)

  Generation No. 5 (Births in 1740s-1760s)

  Generation No. 6 (Births in 1760s-1800s)

  Generation No. 7 (Births in 1800s-1850s)

  Generation No. 8 (Births in 1820s-1880s)

  Generation No. 9 (Births in 1860s-1920s)

  Generation No. 10 (Births in 1870s-1950s)

  Generation No. 11 (Births in 1890s-1970s)

  Generation No. 12 (Births in 1910s-1980s)

  Generation No. 13 (Births in 1940s-1990s)

 Descendants of

 Balthasar Klar

  Generation No. 1 (Births in 1660s-1700s)

  Generation No. 2 (Births in 1680s-1730s)

  Generation No. 3 (Births in 1730s-1780s)

  Generation No. 4 (Births in 1760s-1830s)

  Generation No. 5 (Births in 1790s-1860s)

  Generation No. 6 (Births in 1820s-1870s)

  Generation No. 7 (Births in 1850s-1900s)

  Generation No. 8 (Births in 1870s-1930s)

  Generation No. 9 (Births in 1910s-1970s)

  Generation No. 10 (Births in 1930s-1980s)

  Generation No. 11 (Births in 1960s-1990s)

 Descendants of

 Robert Muirhead

  Generation No. 1 (Births in 1730s)

  Generation No. 2 (Births in 1760s-1780s)

  Generation No. 3 (Births in 1780s-1810s)

  Generation No. 4 (Births in 1810s-1830s)

  Generation No. 5 (Births in 1830s-1860s)

  Generation No. 6 (Births in 1860s-1870s)

  Generation No. 7 (Births in 1880s-1900s)

  Generation No. 8 (Births in 1900s-1940s)

  Generation No. 9 (Births in 1950s-1960s)

  Generation No. 10 (Births in 1970s-1990s)

 Descendants of

 Michael Naffzger

  Generation No. 1 (Births in 1630s)

  Generation No. 2 (Births in 1650s)

  Generation No. 3 (Births in 1670s)

  Generation No. 4 (Births in 1700s)

  Generation No. 5 (Births in 1740s)

  Generation No. 6 (Births in 1760s-1780s)

  Generation No. 7 (Births in 1780s-1800s)

  Generation No. 8 (Births in 1810s-1840s)

  Generation No. 9 (Births in 1850s-1870s)

  Generation No. 10 (Births in 1880s-1900s)

  Generation No. 11 (Births in 1910s-1930s)

  Generation No. 12 (Births in 1940s-1950s)

  Generation No. 13 (Births in 1960s-1970s)

 Descendants of

 Henrich Schmitt, Sr

  Generation No. 1 (Births in 1730s)

  Generation No. 2 (Births in 1750s)

  Generation No. 3 (Births in 1770s-1780s)

  Generation No. 4 (Births in 1800s-1810s)

  Generation No. 5 (Births in 1830s-1840s)

  Generation No. 6 (Births in 1860s-1870s)

  Generation No. 7 (Births in 1890s-1910s)

  Generation No. 8 (Births in 1920s-1930s)

  Generation No. 9 (Births in 1940s-1950s)

  Generation No. 10 (Births in 1960s-1970s)

 Descendants of

 Shaw Mac~An~Toisich

  Descendants of Adam & Eve To Shaw Mac~An~Toisich

  Descendants of Shaw Mac~An~Toisich To The 19th Generation (Of Emigrants William & Mary Shaw)

  Generation No. 20 (Births in 1800s-1820s)

  Generation No. 21 (Births in 1820s-1840s)

  Generation No. 22 (Births in 1840s-1870s)

  Generation No. 23 (Births in 1870s-1910s)

  Generation No. 24 (Births in 1910s-1940s)

  Generation No. 25 (Births in 1940s-1960s)

  Generation No. 26 (Births in 1960s-1990s)

 Descendants of

 Rudolph Walter

  Generation No. 1 (Births in 1690s)

  Generation No. 2 (Births in 1720s-1750s)

  Generation No. 3 (Births in 1760s-1780s)

  Generation No. 4 (Births in 1780s-1820s)

  Generation No. 5 (Births in 1820s-1850s)

  Generation No. 6 (Births in 1850s-1880s)

  Generation No. 7 (Births in 1880s-1900s)

  Generation No. 8 (Births in 1900s-1930s)

  Generation No. 9 (Births in 1930s-1960s)

  Generation No. 10 (Births in 1960s-1990s)

 Descendants of


  Descendants of the AN.UNNA.KI, Generation 1

  Descendants of the AN.UNNA.KI, Generation 2

  Descendants of the AN.UNNA.KI, Generation 3

  Descendants of the AN.UNNA.KI, Generation 4

  Descendants of the AN.UNNA.KI, Generation 5

  Descendants of the AN.UNNA.KI, Generation 6

  Descendants of the AN.UNNA.KI, Generation 7

  The AN.UNNA.KI: A Time Line