The Class Tax Of 1782

History Of The 1782 Class Tax

Click on the Liberty flag icon below to follow a link to the 1782 Frankstown Township Class Tax page which describes the purpose and meaning of the Class Tax.

Tax Return Transcripts

  The links listed below will take you to pages on which are transcribed the names of the residents who were taxed in the year 1782 in the County of Bedford.

  In each of the pages, the names are transcribed as accurately as possible. In the event that a name or individual letter of a name cannot be deciphered from the original source, a horizontal line has been inserted. The serious researcher should, of course, go to the Pioneer Historical Society of Bedford County in Bedford, Pennsylvania to view the original documents if there is a question of the transcription of any particular name(s). (Note: The address and phone number for the Pioneer Historical Society are included on the page titled Historical Societies Of Mother Bedford, which can be accessed from the Mother Bedford home page.)

  The names in the transcripts are arranged in the same order as in the original (i.e. not in alphabetical order).

  The names are followed by a set of letters and numerals in parentheses ( ) which include the letter 'X' if the resident paid the Class Tax, and the amount he was taxed. The amount of tax levied against the resident appears in the sequence of pounds, shillings, pence separated by dots.

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