The Class Tax Of 1782

Cumberland Valley Township

Note: No entries on the return for Cumberland Valley Township were marked with an 'X', denoting that the resident paid the tax. The assumption should not necessarily be made that the taxes were not collected. It is possible that the tax collector simply did not mark the return in that way.

50th Class

Petter Burgard (0.5.2-1/4), Thomas Boyd (0.6.7-1/4), David Organ (0.2.0), William Workman (0.8.2-1/2), Andrew Wilker (0.4.11-1/4), Paul Wilker (0.5.9), James Young (0.4.11), William Young (0.2.8-1/2), Samuel Wallac (0.14.10), Samuel Perrey (0.14.10), James Compton (0.2.8-1/2), John Cessna (0.9.10), Frasier & Findley (2.9.2-1/2), Banton & Warton (7.7.7), Andrew Huston (0.15.8), Alexander Huston (0.10.8), Jacob Tarwater (0.10.8), William Tomson & little (0.9.10), ---tor Smith (2.4.3-1/2), John Ormsby (0.9.10), Alexander Ross (0.14.10), Ralph S--der (0.9.10)