The sixth process of Coagulation is also called The White Stone. Coagulation consists of the addition of other elements to the Black Stage.

  In the art of alchemy, Coagulation exists in the reentry of the vital life force into the First Matter whereby it impregnates it to bring into existence the embryo of the Philosopher's Stone.

  In the process of Putrefaction, the vital life force is dispelled from the First Matter. This vapour of philosophic mercury rises above the mass of the conjoined elements and in its wake the mass becomes blackened.

  The vapour, as it hovers above the mass, increases in potency as it becomes saturated. When the saturation reaches its peak, the vapour of vital life force condenses and permeates into the Black Stage, reanimating it and bringing forth the embryo which will later develop into the Philosopher's Stone.

  The Black Stage, in alchemy, represents the death of the First Matter formed by the conjunction of the pure elements, while the White Stone stands for the eventual rebirth of the conjoined elements.

  This death and subsequent rebirth is necessary in order to bring the elemental matter one step closer to purity.