Furniture And Household Furnishings

Spindle Chair     Exhibit 1
     {1830s to 1860s}

     This is an example of the spindle chair. It might also be considered an American Windsor chair. The American form of the Windsor took many liberties with the basic English design. For one, as seen in this example, the top rail is almost an abstraction of the delicate top rail of the English Windsor. Also the Windsor almost invariably employs an H-stretcher, which this example does not. The deep black color comes from its original coating of paint. Certain areas which appear brown are the result of the paint being worn away. The top rail was originally decorated with painted flowers, a sign of an American manufacture.

     The two images below show details of the chair's head rail and the underside of the seat, showing how it was carved from a solid piece of wood. This American form of the Windsor has a flat seat rather than the Windsor's "saddle" seat.