Furniture And Household Furnishings

Spindle Chair     Exhibit 2
     {1830s to 1860s}

     This is another example of the spindle chair. Although this one does not look exactly like the previous exhibit, the turned legs and rungs are an exact match. This one, though, has had its legs cut off at some point. It was not constructed this way, as evidenced by the legs being cut off just below the two side rungs. Initially, one might think that this chair's legs were cut off to accomodate a child, but that is not necessarily so. In the age in which ladies wore shoes that buttoned up the side, it was difficult to reach down and button the shoes while sitting in a normal chair. It ws also just as difficult to try to elevate one foot to button the shoe while standing. But by cutting the legs short on a chair like this, when a lady sat down in it, her knees bent a slight bit and her hand naturally reached to the floor, and therefore she could easily button the shoe buttons.