Rosters Of Patriots Of The
         American Revolutionary War
         From Bedford County

  Despite the fact that a totally comprehensive collection is not available, a number of rosters of Patriots of the American Revolutionary War from Bedford County, Pennsylvania have survived. They are maintained in the holdings of the Pennsylvania Archives and are easily available to the researcher in the Second, Third and Fifth Series of the published Pennsylvania Archives.

  No other collections of rosters are known to exist.

  Transcriptions of all the rosters that appear in the published Pennsylvania Archives have been included in the book, Mother Bedford And The American Revolutionary War, by Larry D. Smith (published by Closson Press.)

  The purpose of this section is to provide basic information about the service records of the Bedford County Patriots along with reference to the page(s) of the book, Mother Bedford And The American Revolutionary War in which the Patriot is listed. Additional information may be included in the book which does not appear on this website. All inclusions are footnoted. Visit Closson Press' website for information on how to obtain a copy of the book at .

  For a general synopsis of the Militia of Bedford County, click on the following link.

   Civil & Militia Officers For Bedford County
    The Bedford County Militia, 1776
    The Bedford County Militia, 1777
    The Bedford County Militia, 1778
    The Bedford County Militia, 1779
    The Bedford County Militia, 1780
    The Bedford County Militia, 1781
          The 1st Battalion, 1781
          The 2nd Battalion, 1781
          The 3rd Battalion, 1781
    The Bedford County Militia,
          Undesignated Companies 1776 ~ 1783
    The Bedford County Companies
          In The Continental Line 1776 ~ 1783
    Oaths Of Allegiance