The Written And Printed Word


{Width: 24-1/2"; Height: 21-1/2"}

     This indenture was made on 16 June 1772. It is written on parchment ~ tanned and stretched calfskin.
     This deed legitimized the transfer of a tract of land designated as Lot #136 in the town of Reading, in Berks County, Pennsylvania from (tenants in common) Peter Rapp and his wife Christina and George Schultz and his wife Juliana, as the 'party of the first part' to Frederick Rapp, as the 'party of the second part'. The deed is interesting in that it noted the occupations of the parties. Peter Rapp was listed as a butcher, while George Schultz was noted as a hatter. Frederick Rapp was also noted as a hatter.
     It might be assumed that Christina (Rapp) and Juliana (Schultz) were sisters. Seldom did non-relatives enter into the purchase of real estate together, especially in regard to a small sized tract such as a town lot. And, of course, because of the similar surname, it might be assumed that Peter and Frederick Rapp were relatives in some way.
     Note that of the four individuals who were combined as the parties of the first part (i.e.the grantors), only George Schultz could write his own name. Also note that the seals are made of paper attached to the parchment by means of melted wax. The seals are all the same, and were, no doubt, supplied by the court in the absence of any personal seals (usually embodied in the form of a signet ring).