The Written And Printed Word


Elisha Coles, 1772
{Width: 5-3/8"; Height: 8-1/2"; Thickness: 2-3/4"}

     The complete title of this volume is: A DICTIONARY, ENGLISH-LATIN, AND LATIN-ENGLISH; Containing All Things necessary for the Translating of either Language into the other. To which End Many Things that were Erroneous are Rectified, many Superfluities Retrenched, and very many Defects Supplied. And All suited to the meanest Capacities, in a plainer Method than heretofore: Being for Ease reduced into an Alphabetical Order, and Explained in the Mother Tongue. And Towards the Compleating the English Part (which hath been long desired) here are added Thousands of Words, Phrases, Proverbs, Proper Names, and many other useful Things mentioned in the Preface to the WORK. The Eighteenth Edition, with Large Additions. .
     This volume was printed at London by Elisha Coles Late of Magdalen-College, Oxon. Printed for J. Bonwicke, J. and T. Pote, J. Fuller, C. Bathurst, T. Waller, J. Beecroft, J. and F. Rivington, J. Hinton, W. Straham, L. Haren. W. Clarke, and R. Collins, R. Horsfield, W. Johnston, T. Caston, S. Crowder, T. Longman, G. Kelby, T. Field, C. Rivington, E. Dilly, J. Wilkie, C. and R. Ware, J. Coote, T. Lownds, B. Collins, T. Cadell, G. Robinson, R. Baldwin, and W. Goldsmith.
     The Eighteenth Edition published in 1772, of which this copy was part of, was the final edition printed; the first having been published in the year 1677. Elisha Coles, the compiler of this dictionary, was born circa 1608 in Northamptonshire. Coles made a career as a lexicographer and stenographer. He taught English and Latin in London, and no doubt saw, firsthand, the need for a Latin / English dictionary. He died circa 1688. This copy was covered, at some early date, with a leather cover which was simply sewn over the original heavy cardboard cover.