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Voltaire, 1762
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     The complete title of this book is: THE DRAMATIC WORKS OF Mr. De VOLTAIRE. Translated by the Rev. Mr. Francklin, Vol. XV. Being Vol. IV. of his Dramatic Works.
      The book was published at London. Its author, popularly known as Voltaire, (an anagram for the Latin spelling of his surname: arovet li), was born Francois-Marie Arouet on 21 November 1694 at Paris, France. Educated by Jesuits at the College Louis-le-Grand between 1704 and 1711, Voltaire was drawn to writing and philosophy. His satirical poetry, which mocked the conventional institutions of his time, including the Church, made Voltaire one of the most influential figures shaping the Enlightenment. His satirical verses about the aristocracy and his involvement in the Cellamare Conspiracy led to his being imprisoned in the Bastille for a period of eleven months. But the imprisonment did nothing to dampen his spirits; while there Voltaire wrote his famous play, Oedipe. It was after the release from his imprisonment that Francois-Marie took the name of Voltaire. Voltaire died in Paris on 30 May 1778 at the age of eighty-three.