The Written And Printed Word


Honore Tournely / Petro Collet, 1758
{Width: 5"; Height: 8-1/8"; Thickness: 1-5/8"}

     The complete title of this book is: CONTINUATIO PRAELECTIONUM THEOLOGICARUM HONORATI TOURNELY SIVE TRACTATUS De Universa Theologia Morali. Tomus Segundus, Continens Tractatus I. De Virtute Religionis. II. De Beneficiis. III. De Simonia. IV. De Actibus Humanis. V. De Conscientia. Opus Ad Juris Romani & Gallici normam exactum. Autore Petro Collet, Presbytero Congregationis Missionis, Doctore Theologo & Professore. Editio Septima Emendatior.
      The book was published at Parisiis, i.e. Paris, by Joan-Bapt. Garnier, Reginae necnon Serenissima Delphinae Typographum & Bibliopolam, via Jacobea, sub Signo Providentiae, e regione Collegii Plessaci-Sorbonici.
      Notice that this volume, like others published in France, made use of marbelizing for its cover. Oil paints would be added to water, and then swirled around to create the effect of marble stone, hence the name marbelizing. The oil and water would not actually mix, but resist each other, creating beautiful designs of swirls. Paper for the end-pages, or as in the case of this book's cover, heavy card stock, would be carefully lowered onto the surface of the oil/water mixture to take on the pattern.