The Written And Printed Word


Elie Catherine Freron and Francois Marie de Marsay, 1742
{Width: 3-7/8"; Height: 6-11/16"; Thickness: Vol. I: 7/8", Vol. II: 1-1/8"}


     The complete title for this book is: HISTOIRE DE MARIE STUART, REINE D'ECOSSE ET DE FRANCE, Avec Les Pieces Justificatives, & des Remarques. Tome Premier (and) Tome Second.
     Despite the fact that the author's name is not included on the title page, it is known that Elie Catherine Freron (1719-10 March 1776) was the principal author. Freron was educated by the Jesuits and, because of his aptitude for learning, became a professor at the Louis-Le-Grand before the age of twenty. He became a renowned critic and is known primarily for his adversity toward Voltaire.
     Although the publication is noted as taking place at Londres, this two-volume set was published anonymously in Paris. Notice the beautiful marbled end papers and the gilding on the covers.