The Written And Printed Word


Aegidii Strauchii, 1700
{Width: 3-5/8"; Height: 6-1/4"; Thickness: 1-5/8"}

     The complete title to this work is: TABULAE SINUUM TANGENTIUM LOGARITHMORUM Et per universam MATHESIN. Auctiores & Correctissme In hac nova Editione Accessere Leonh: Christ: Sturmii Prof: P.Math. Guelpherb: Tabulae Plane Novae Architectonicae, Fortificatoriae, Geometricae & pro Circino proportionali.
      The author of this volume was Aegidii Strauchii (variously, Aegidius Strauch), (1632-1682). This is evidently the second edition of the work, with the addition of tables published in 1699 by Leonhard Christoph Sturmii (variouslySturm) (1669-1719). This edition was published at Amsterdam by Christopher Heinruti Schumacher.
      This is a beautiful little book, covered in calfskin. Notice how the edges of the covers are slightly longer than the actual cover boards so that they could be folded over to protect the paper pages.


     Below is the title page of the additional tables published in 1699 by Leonhard Christoph Sturmii along with a few page examples from that section.