The Written And Printed Word


Sir William Dugdale, 1693
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     The complete title to this work is: MONASTICON ANGLICANUM, Or The HISTORY Of the Ancient Abbies, and other Monasteries, Hospitals, Cathedral and Collegiate Churches, in England and Wales. With divers French, Irish, and Scotch Monasteries Formerly relating to England.
      According to the title page, this book was Collected and Published in Latin, by Sir William Dugdale, Knt. late Garter King of Arms. In Three Volums. And now Epitomized in English, Page by Page. With Sculptures of the several Religious Habits. Licensed, May the 25th, 1692 R. Midgley. The book was printed at London for Sam. Keble at the Turks-Head, in Fleet-street; Hen. Rhodes at the Star the Corner of Bride lane in Fleet-street.
     According to an entry of a copy of this volume for sale through the website, this edition, translated into English by James Wright and published in 1693, was the first edition printed in England and in the English language. Previously, the book had been published in Latin between 1655 and 1673. A second edition was published in 1682. This abridged edition was printed as the original three volumes in one book, with continuous pagination; the three volumes being separated by individual title pages as shown below. The book contains fifteen engravings, which are reproduced at the bottom of this page.
     According to various Internet websites, this book (i.e. this first english edition) is rather rare.