A Museum
   Of Antiques, Historical Artifacts,
   & Everyday items

From The Collection Of Larry D. Smith


     if we consult An Universal Etymological Dictionary, published by N. Bailey in the year 1789 at Edinburgh, we will find that, at that time (just following the American Revolutionary War), the definition of a Museum was: a Study or Library. The definition of a Study was given as: a closet to study in. And the verb to study was given as: the application of the mind to learn. A Museum, therefore, was a place in which one could learn something by way of studying.
     We tend to think of a museum today as a place where things are exhibited. in 1789 the phrase to exhibit referred solely to showing something to others. This suite of webpages will be devoted to exhibiting, to showing, to the visitor, a collection of antiques which the webmaster, Larry D. Smith, has amassed over the years, for the purpose of allowing the visitor to study them, and thereby learn something of their history. As such, these webpages will function as a Museum of sorts.

     There are currently over 289 items in the seven galleries of this museum. You can access particular types of items by visiting the individual galleries listed below. Simply click on the photo and you will be taken to that gallery. Within any gallery, if there are multiple similar items exhibited, the most extensive description will appear with the first of the similar items exhibited.

     As you visit this museum, please keep in mind the fact that the items exhibited are from a personal collection, and the images of them are not intended to be public domain material. if you would like to copy certain images, please contact me at schmitt@motherbedford.com and ask for permission. in order for the images to load quickly, low resolution files have been used throughout this museum. Higher resolution / better quality files are available upon request.

Gallery 1 ~
The American Revolutionary War
Gallery 2 ~
The Written & Printed Word
Gallery 3 ~
The Domestic Art Of Spinning
Gallery 4 ~
Kitchen implements
Gallery 5 ~
Furniture & Household Furnishings
Gallery 6 ~
Toys, Farm Tools & The Rest
Gallery 7 ~
Pre~Historic Artifacts