Almshouse Records


  Known in some places as the ‘alms-house’, while in others as the ‘poorhouse’, and in some others as the ‘county home’, this was a place where paupers could find a place to live when they could not afford their own homes. Records, such as the death date of any resident who might have died while residing at the home, may have been kept by the home. Many of the county homes were disbanded during the 1960s and 1970s. Their records may or may not have been forwarded to the county court system or a local historical society.

  The records of an almshouse could be considered to be fairly reliable. The home, having been administered by the county, would probably have been required to operate by certain standards, of which good record keeping would have been one.

Bedford County Alms House Births & Deaths
(unpublished, maintained by The Pioneer Historical Society Of Bedford County)

Huntingdon County Poor Children
(unpublished, derived from tax assessment return notations, maintained by the Huntingdon County Historical Society)