Types Of Records


  Certain types of records, public and private, have been discussed in preceding sections of this book. In this section, all of the various types will be discussed in regard to what they are, information on where they should be found, and indications of the degree of accuracy they each possess for serious genealogical research. Examples of the various types, which can be found at the genealogical and historical libraries in Old~Bedford County, and/or which you should be able to purchase from their publishers, are included at the end of each entry. Due to the fact that library collections are dynamic things, constantly increasing in scope and volume, the lists provided as examples here should be considered as just that, rather than as a definitive an exhaustive survey.

  Most, if not all, of the genealogical and historical societies, and many of the public libraries which maintain genealogical collections have accumulated microfilm records of their county’s public records. Therefore, if for some reason you cannot obtain access to a public document at the county’s court house, you might want to try contacting the local historical or genealogical society or public library to see if they might have the record on microfilm.

  Note: The reader should be aware that these types of records (and/or the originals) may or may not be available in all of the present-day counties of Old~Bedford.