Court House Records
     ~ Somerset County



  111 East Union Street, Somerset, Pennsylvania 15501

  Register of Wills (814) 445-1548

  Recorder of Deeds (814) 445-1547

  Prothonotary (814) 445-1428

  Tax Assessment (814) 445-1536


  Somerset County's records start in the year 1795 and extend to the present day. Earlier records for this region are found in Bedford County. Somerset records contain a certain portion of Cambria County to the year 1804.


      Estate Files

  The Estate Files, which include the Wills and Orphans Court records, are found in the Register of Wills Office. Index volumes in book form and dockets are found along the wall to the right of the entrance door and on counter shelves in the center of the room. Wills and Orphans Court records are indexed in the Estate volumes. Records for recent years are indexed on a computer. Two terminals are available for researchers to use. The Birth and Death Records are also found in this Office, on shelves along the wall to the left of the entrance. The numerous Index volumes are open to the public and photo-copying is available for a fee. A large table with four chairs, along with ample counter space is available for use.

      Orphans Court Files

  The Orphans Court Files are maintained in the Estate Files.

      Tax Assessment Records And Miscellaneous

  The Tax Assessment records are maintained in an annex building. The original book form return dockets are available for researchers to handle and transcribe from, but photocopying of these original documents is not permitted. There are no microfilm or microfiche of the returns available.

      Personal Photocopiers And Computers:

  The use of personal computers, which run on their own battery power, are permitted. But personal photocopiers and any other electronic equipment that require being plugged in to the court house's electrical outlets are not permitted.


Note: The comments in this section were derived from numerous, random visits to this Court House over a period of time. They might not represent everyone's experience at this Court House. They are presented here because certain of the Courts have consistently exhibited ill-will toward both, genealogical and historical researchers.

  The Somerset County Court system is, like Bedford and Fulton Counties, very cooperative and friendly to researchers. They make you feel at home, and do not try to discourage you from locating information. The architecture of the Somerset Court House is outstandingly beautiful, and complements the personality of the personnel.