Court House Records
     ~ Fulton County



  201 North Street, McConnellsburg, Pennsylvania 17233

  General Court House (717) 485-4212

  Prothonotary, Register & Recorder (717) 485-4212


  Fulton County's records start in the year 1850 and extend to the present day. For records earlier than 1850 look in Bedford County and Cumberland County.


      Estate Files

  The Estate Files and Orphans Court Files are maintained together in the Register & Recorders Office, and are open to the public. The files are not assigned a "file number" per se; reference is made to the Docket book and page number. An Index of the Estate Files in book form is available for the researcher to use; it consists of numerous volumes. The dockets are also available for use by the public. Recent entries are on computer. The Indices and dockets are stored in a long, but narrow series of rooms which lie to the left of the entrance door of the main Office. A number of tables, with one to two chairs each, are available in each room space, although the whole is somewhat crowded.

      Orphans Court Files

  The Orphans Court Files are maintained in the Estate Files.

      Personal Photocopiers And Computers:

  Portable computers and word processors may be used in the Offices if permission is requested, and such equipment is not too large.


Note: The comments in this section were derived from numerous, random visits to this Court House over a period of time. They might not represent everyone's experience at this Court House. They are presented here because certain of the Courts have consistently exhibited ill-will toward both, genealogical and historical researchers.

  The personnel of the Fulton County Court system are quite cooperative and helpful to the researcher. Despite the fact that the physical space in the Recorders Office is a bit small, the personnel make every attempt to accomodate researchers. Like Bedford, it is a pleasure to perform research in Fulton County. The publications of the Fulton County Historical Society are available for sale at the Court House giving the visitor the impression that the Court system encourages an interest in history.