The tenth process of Exaltation is also called The Philosopher's Stone. During Exaltation, the pure state exists.

  As soon as the White Stone turns to gold in Fermentation the alchemist raises the heat of the furnace to its highest intensity, bringing the Stone to a state of stability and exaltation.

  Up to this point, the Stone is inconstant and capable of changing course from the desired goal. Its stability is due to the fact that although the Sulphur or soul has joined with the Salt or body, this merger must also be fused to the Mercury or spirit of the matter.

  Raising the heat rapidly and to its peak vaporizes the prime elements. The Mercury fuses with the Sulphur/Salt; and the three are united into the Rubedo or Red Tincture: The Philosopher's Stone.

  When the Stone is cooled, it possesses a reddish~gold color which is evidence of the Mercury trapped within the White Stone of Sulphur and Salt.