A List Of Place Names
Referred To In The Saga

     The North Lands (The realm of the Lunn.)
     The North Lands, according to the ancient storytellers, lay in an area of the universe close to what is now known as the Swan Nebula within the Sagittarius constellation. Its sun was the star Helmantma.
     The North Lands was a place from which martyr storytellers came. It was a land rich with eldritch secrets, and perhaps that is why Nordo chose it as his abode. In any case, the ancient storytellers often used it and its ancient history for the starting point of many of their tales.
     The North Lands was bordered on the north by the great uncharted seas of the universe across which lay the realms of the Mardots. On the south, it bordered the forests which separated it from the lands of the Gordrain (of which we know very little). To the east lay a barren waste that was inhospitable to travelers. To the west lay the lands of Artranum, beyond which lay the Jindsmarn.
     Æberaun (a ber on’)    (The capital city of the Mardots realms.)
     The Mardots realms occupied a field of dead and dying stars, separated from the North Lands by an expanse of empty space. Their only source of warmth and light were the stars Berielle and Tandor, two old giants who refused to die. The Mardots realms stretched quite a distance, and bordered the Asgurdth Hills, which separated them from the lands of the Chlandoins.
     The majority of the Mardots' realms were always barren and waste. Only Æberaun was heavily populated by the Mardots. It was a treacherous place made so by the geometric arts of the Mardots.
     The Jindsmarn (jinnz’ marn)      (The realm of the Jinds.)
     This realm lay to the west of the icy realm of Artranum. It was a land that consisted of illusions cast originally by Urail. Its capital and center point was the Imperial City of Cath.
     Mattgunne (matt goon’), Hzirak (sir’ eck), and Ghan (gon)
     Primarily trading lands of the Eastern Seas, these realms are given only passing mention in the tales pertaining to the Baeoinfaermn Saga. It was in the realm of Mattgunne that Baeoinfaermn met with Nadirophe.
     The Lands Of The Chlandoins (klann do’ innz)
     This realm bordered on the Asgurdth Hills, a natural feature serving as an efficient boundary, separating it from the Mardots realms. It had once held the site of a great trading seaport in the Plains Of Galbradith, which lay close to the Ranikt Sea. The lands of the Chlandoins was nourished by the energy streaming from the star, Satrophe.
     The Plains of Galbradith (gall bra’ dith)
     It was on the Plains Of Galbradith that the Mardots and Jinds had met in battle on two occasions.